• I stare out into the snow covered grass, fresh as can be.
    I see you, walking out of your car, walking to the house.
    I close my eyes, to be surrounded by complete darkness,
    To see a dozen roses.
    They are red, red like the sun.

    I open my eyes, to notice your cold hand is chilling my shoulder.
    I look up, to see your eyes full of kindness.
    I look back to the snow, noticing a dozen roses.
    They are as yellow, yellow like Autumn leaves.

    As I put my hand on yours, I feel warmth instead of your cold vibes.
    Your smile lights up my frightened heart.
    I close my eyes, once again for this dark day, and see roses.
    A dozen roses.
    They are white, white like the freshly fallen snow.

    When I open my eyes, you are gone.
    It seems all like a dream.
    Everything is cold, even my poor heart.
    I look behind me, to see roses on the rug.
    A dozen roses.
    They are black, as black as pure night.