• .....Just tell answer me....one thing

    So where we end up?
    We flew into the sky
    Met the divided light
    And never cried again
    You don't have to cry as long you hold my hand

    So why did you cry?
    So much more quicker than I?
    Why did you lie about the time
    Before you left, you gave me your key
    It hurts so much the price you made

    I know you committed a crime
    Not being glee is an ugly site
    Yet your face is never ugly
    But don't cry my love
    For I also committed a crime

    Soon i will also alter my time
    Just like you, a broken heart
    I shall shatter as you did
    I'll fade away into the divided light
    The forever kingdom is where we belong
    Just stay at the gate
    It's alright if you must cry
    I forgive the lie you told

    So where we end up?
    You cry as you held my hand
    Because soon we'll never cry again
    We'll fly into the sky
    And met the divided light
    Sweetheart just don't forget
    .....I love you