• You close your eyes again hidden fears never mend your forgotten days go by you i know you still want to cry,They tell you to get over it,That its just a old time pic,Like it never mattered at all, You know how hard it is to fall, beneath the fun and games you see how much hard it aways means, Yet you hold on still now,Keeping your heart strong and well.
    They tell you your get over it,
    But you know it wont be true
    hidden fears never mend friends leave and cry again in your mind it holds you tight the feelings deep inside the fright,But you are strong you know its true what you gone threw is hard and new, So hold on tight don`t give up hope there are others who don`t take it as a joke so keep yourself happy or sad,keep yourself stressed or mad,no one should be mad at you cause your the one whos strong yes you.