• Hans has seen better days
    but still plays near Lake Hefner in
    a way similar to Van Halen: hands
    joining together for the triplets
    and heaving heavy blues
    in fine improvisation.

    His old Les Paul's been felt up
    more times than a hooker
    and was born before old Paul himself could
    rub many right with the overdub.
    It's a guitar that's traveled far and wide;
    one that has seen better days.

    Picture bob cuts on all the men
    during the time of early Genesis when
    people tried to imitate Peter Gabriel
    and his flower routine. It was there
    being held by a Hackett fan in that
    sitting-down style, strings plucked
    to Horizon's. Didn't stay long since
    it was too jazzy to be in a Prog band.

    When Rush came fast into town
    with YYZ abound, for sure people
    imitated and when it was time
    for the bass and lead's competition,
    that old Les Paul couldn't handle the heat.
    It went straight into submission;
    hands passed around again since
    it was too soft to be in an eighties rock band.

    By the time The Pixies rolled around,
    no one cared for this Gibson
    except for museums and persons
    wanting the original edition. It somehow
    got used to an attic down in Lexington,
    where it lay in that dusty land since
    it was too old to be in a Grunge band.

    Here we are now at Hefner near the docks
    and Hans is warming up
    his hands to Clapton. That Paul
    sings out Layla in a way that is
    jazzy and soft and old
    but timeless to the ears. Though these
    years have been hard on both,
    the chords still ring true
    with a heavy helping of blues
    painting Oklahoman hues of green and red.