• “They are Coming”

    Only on this land for five summers
    When they came and took me away
    Entering a new world
    Of bad white spirits
    Killed, eaten as an offering
    Was my fate I thought
    Falling motionless onto their feet
    I fainted
    Awakening with my people surrounding me
    They say I should fear not
    They told me I was not
    The other blacks were taken away
    Tortured so what was only to be heard
    Was bitter cries of pain
    Then silence fell upon this world on water
    I was flogged severely,
    My how worthless you are!
    The spirits would say
    How painful it was
    Just as a predators spear to its prey
    I was hungry
    Yet they gave me no food
    I was tired
    And was given no place to lay my head
    I was naked
    And they did not clothe me
    Left abandoned to despair
    Was indeed my fate
    To never see my home again
    Waiting always
    For my last friend
    To relieve me
    -Natalie F H