• You know none of this really matters in the long run,
    When everything is done, and the world's not crazy.

    Soft candy lips and butterflies kisses.
    Your touch lingers on my skin,
    You play me like a violin, with gentle hands

    I miss you,
    I miss you,
    I miss you,

    The words leak onto the page
    Words of kindness not of rage.
    Mismatched thoughts here and there.

    Do you really care?
    It's so hard to be so fair
    I wish beauty wasn't here nor there.
    The world would be easy if it were an ugly place'
    It would be easy to let go,
    If it weren't for your face.

    The memories we share
    Too strong to bare
    The like strongest wind drawing me in
    Like a butterfly in a cocoon,
    A child in a mothers womb

    We are so intimate
    So intertwined
    You are so divine
    Like the rarest of wine

    And even if these words don't make sense
    I just spread them from my heart
    And they act as a vent.

    If you know what I'm saying then reach out and grab my hand.
    Don't leave me in the dark, just be my friend.
    And promise me you'll be here, until the end.