• You stand above your withering soul
    The swollen eyes of your death has come
    To watch over you, to watch over you
    To watch over you and your decaying body

    The blind eyes look upon your end
    Searching for a new beginning of the gone
    And who are you, and who are you
    And who are you the death seeks upon

    The gems of the shining reeped from the dark
    Black lies are planted on perpetual song
    Where are you, where are you
    Where are you and every precious diamond

    Viruses littering the wandering minds
    Of the lost, forgotten, and broken souls
    There watching you, there watching you
    There watching you abandon them with your red hands

    But now your watching the broken above
    As darkness slowly eats away at your soul
    Goodbye you, goodbye you
    Goodbye you they chant as enter empty darkness