• Alone in the darkness of Hate,
    In the dark of the mind,
    Waiting for the gate,
    In the darkness blind,

    Darkness falls into the mind,
    Darkness watches the light,
    The mind is where the darkness lies behind,
    Coming out at night,

    Waiting for the time,
    The time that is right,
    It will come out of the hand like slime,
    To destroy the light,

    Darkness fills the mind,
    The soul sits in the darkness waiting,
    The darkness not being kind,
    With the mind hating,

    To let the darkness out,
    To let it kill,
    It will take out the route,
    It brings a chill,

    The darkness will soon get out,
    It will kill,
    It will hunt anyone that is about,
    It will bring ill,

    It will not stop,
    It will not sleep,
    It just keeps a hop,
    It will soon reap,

    It shows the past in dreams,
    The live before,
    It will come in a beam,
    It is unlocking the door,

    The door that stops it,
    It has grown too strong,
    It will soon hit,
    The door will not be there for long,

    It will soon release the power,
    The power that has be hidden,
    It is coming closer every hour,
    The power is forbidden,

    The darkness will soon be here,
    The world will end,
    It is the time that most fear,
    It will kill even a friend,

    The time I need help,
    It is too late,
    Too far in to the darkness for help,
    To past through the gate,

    Too past through the gate but be pulled back,
    To have pulled back my friends,
    To have my head whack,
    The darkness to be blinds,

    The darkness pushed back,
    Back to the room to be sealed,
    To be attacked,
    The darkness now is healed,

    It is coming back,
    To end the world,
    It will soon attack,
    It will soon come out in a twirled,

    The darkness has started,
    It will soon take over,
    It will soon be parted,
    Be parted from the room like a crimson clover,

    The world shall stop,
    All live will be gone,
    The time shall drop,
    Time will go on,

    The world will soon end,
    That day is coming,
    It is impend,
    It will come humming,

    The humming of death,
    The time of the end,
    Live will have no breath,
    It is intend,

    The darkness is coming soon,
    Nowhere to hide,
    It will come with death’s tune,
    All will die,

    The hate of life,
    The darkness grows,
    It stabs like a knife,
    It will let out blows,

    The sadness has put me here,
    In the darkness sitting alone,
    Sit without fear,
    The darkness soon blown,

    Sit and wait for a friend,
    A friend to reach out to me,
    To have the darkness descend,
    To get me free,

    Free from the darkness,
    Till the time comes again,
    Free to live with friends and family,
    Till the is hits a vein,

    Then let it start all over,
    Again and again,
    In the darkness waiting till it’s over,
    Time and time again it hits a vein,

    Letting it out,
    Out to end the world once more,
    It will happen again with no doubts,
    It will come at the time of war,

    The time is coming soon,
    It will happen again,
    It will come again with Death’s tune,
    Bringing the sad rain,

    It will come and go,
    By friends will be behind you which you know.