• As I sit on this rock.
    I feel the cool salt water.
    As It mists over me
    Causing a rainbow to appear
    in the fading sunlight.
    I turn so I can capture the last warm rays of the sun
    That streak across the sky.
    Turning into beautiful colors of pinks and blues
    As the last lights of the sun disappear and the blue moon rises
    casting long dark shadows against the calm water
    I stand
    The day has ended.
    I find my way back to the shore on the slippery rocks in the pale glow of the moon with ease
    Feeling where my feet had started to ware the rocks thin from the many times ive walked upon them
    Knowing that tomorrow I would come back
    To hear the strong constant waves as they crash against the rocks
    bringing a new chilly spray of water to my face
    To smell the strong salt sent wash over me
    as the wind carries it over the vast ocean towards me inviting in.
    To watch the sunset as it changes into night
    And, to be free.