• I have feelings of love for the guy I see.

    Does he love me too, what does he think of me?

    I wish I could tell him he makes me whole, but I'm afraid to say

    what's deep in my soul.

    I don't want to lose him, cause I would be alone,

    and some days I just can't wait to hear his voice on the phone.

    He does certain things to make me feel loved,

    some days he wants to be alone and my heart is shoved.

    I wish i could be his body guard,

    and protect him when things get hard.

    I will always be there to help him along,

    and before we met I wasn't as strong.

    I wish I could tell him what I feel inside,

    but I'm afraid of what he'll say, how he'll act on the outside.

    Will we be just friends? I don't know.

    But I wish that our friendship will never ends.