• There are a lot of things on my mind
    Some hidden emotions I must find
    To show me the right way I must go
    And a few questions I need to know
    What did I ever do wrong to you,
    Didn't I prove that my love was true?
    Couldn't you tell by the gleam in my eye
    That I would be faithful and never tell a lie?
    Is there something that I can do to make our love sure
    So I can feel safe once again and secure?
    Can I tell you exactly how I feel
    Without you laughing and just being real?
    Could you understand the pain I go through
    Just to get the point across to you that my love is something so hard to find
    And will keep my holding on 'till the end of time?
    Is how I feel how it's supposed to be..
    Me loving you and you hating me?
    This misery is too much for me to bare
    Because I finally realize that you just don't care.
    Can my heart withstand the pain?
    All this confusion is driving my insane.
    Or, could you just be playing me as a fool
    While you're in the light and acting cool?
    Silly man, 'these tricks are for kids'
    But, when it comes to you, I have the highest bid.
    Just tell me why it has to be like this
    And to know it all began with a meaningless kiss.
    My hollow chest beats with a sound of loneliness
    Because you are co careless and filled with hopelessness.
    You built up my confidence with the raise of a brow
    But, it's just as easy to break me down.
    My crumbled soul can only take so much
    From a person I help out, like a crutch.
    Reality will show up sooner or never
    And I probably won't feel this way forever.
    Could you never notice the things I do
    Just so you can acknowledge me, too?
    I might not be the most important thing to you
    But, my caring for you is definately true.
    It might be about time to replace
    And get rid of this sad look on my face.
    People like you don't deserve a guy like me
    Because the way that you treat me isn't how it's supposed to be.
    So wake up dude, get a new girl
    Because anyone can treat you better then she can.
    You don't need to take her game anymore
    But, I know that you love her and simply adore.
    She doesn't appreciate you in anyway
    No matter what you do or say.
    So, please get it through your stubborn head
    That they meant all the hurtful things they said.
    She has no feelings whatsoever
    But, has your heart, isn't she so clever??