• How could this be
    how could I see
    that I would be here
    alone without you.

    As I cry with tears of sadness
    our memory's together
    are starting to vanish.

    A knock on the door
    I run to see but as I open the door
    its not who I want it to be.

    The pain inside is hard to to hide
    but i must go on every day with my life
    I still have the pictures we took
    and your letters are hid within a book.

    Days pass and the pain eases
    and I think one day in the future we are sure to meet again
    as I see your family and friends we talk about the old times
    and all the things you used to say and do.

    Days, months and years pass
    but I still remember you
    I hold your picture in a locket and as I look at I smile
    and remember the memories of me and you
    and I realise that I am not alone here with out you.