• As I sit and think the hot tears come streaming down.
    I close my eyes to see,
    When we were inseperable.
    Then, we started to drift!.
    I reached for you,
    But, then I open my eyes,
    To see that all I'm reaching for is air.
    I arise slowly and painfully,
    Walking to the rose bushes,
    Where we used to hide,
    Where we used to play,
    My heart sinks low,
    As I rip a rose from its home,
    And crush it with my hands the way you did my heart.
    The anger fills my throat.
    Rushing through the courtyard to the gazebo,
    I reach for the concealed,
    I slowly gaze at it,
    Feeling the cold, hard blade.
    I whisper your name one last time,
    As I plunge the blade deep into my heart...