• I know you’re up there watching me.
    I know that you’re safe and happy.
    I know things like these happen every day.
    But I’m sorry I wasn’t there.
    And I know those things hurt.
    And I know I should have said better words.
    And I know leaving you wasn’t the better choice.
    But I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.
    And I feel like I’m dying as well.
    But I feel like I’ve known you for over a hundred years.
    And I feel like I’m going soon.
    But I feel like I can be with you this way.
    And I feel like I could have done better.
    But I feel like this was the better choice.

    I know you’re dying.
    I know the sad truth.
    And every day I wake up,
    I realize that it might be your last day.

    And I knew something had happened.
    I knew it when you hadn’t answered me for days;
    When you should have answered the very next day.
    But I got scared.
    You were my wall; you are my wall.
    And it’ll stay that way until I die.
    So I decided to make up an excuse for that.
    I said “Maybe she has no internet; or maybe no time.”
    But what I should have said was
    “She’s lying in a hospital bed dying.”
    But I refused to believe that.
    I chose not to believe in the truth.
    But the sad part was…
    I couldn’t cry like I had done before…
    Maybe that’s why I felt so guilty.

    But to tell you the truth
    Every day when I woke up
    I knew it was coming