• Hey girl.........
    Why do i miss you.
    How come i think were farther apart.
    We always hang out together.
    We knew each other for o so long.
    I used to make you happy.
    I used to make you smile.
    I need you more than ever.
    But know it seems like nothing than before.
    Your eyes were as a bright as the stars at night.
    I don't know how to say this but.
    Hey girl...........
    I will always be there when you fall.
    I will bring you to a nice place.
    Too see the light shine at night.
    I will bring you to the beach just to see the sunrise.
    But i cant explain this reason too you.
    I get so nervous when we talk.
    But I love you.
    Hey girl.......
    When the guys push you around I will be there for you.
    When you cry I will be there to make it better.
    (chorus repeats while the singer sings)
    Hey girl....
    But I'm falling for you so fast.
    I hope you feel the same.
    The more we hang I fall in love more.
    Its like the moon in the sky.
    Shining o so bright.
    Struggles with the darkness.
    (everybody sings)
    But wont give up the fight.
    (Now Singer)
    Its in my heart and I can feel it.
    I wont let someone take you away from me.
    So hey girl you know you are the one.
    I will give it a try i hope I'm the one.
    I will hold you in my arms tonight.
    This love will last forever in my heart tonight.
    (Band plays)
    Hey girl..............................
    (then stops)
    I am Benjamin Wilson this song was for a special girl I liked.
    I hope you like it and I bet you can relate to what I feel.
    I am Rockerben360-New Cloud on gaia online.
    If you want a song to be made for you just pm me and I will post it in the gaia arena.