• I'm sick of all the names
    I'm sick of playing the games
    I try to put my life on the line
    Even to you I look just fine
    I try and try to make you see
    But all I seem to do is plea
    I try to tell you
    But I feel so blue
    My way of living
    Makes me start shivering
    I feel a stiff sudden pain
    Like a gush of waterfall rain
    I gave my all to you
    But it wasn't true
    I try to push you away
    But my mind wants you to stay
    You come and come
    But that makes me feel glum
    I know that I need you
    But I don't think you're true
    I have spent my life searching
    But half of it hurting
    I feel like I'm climbing a mountain
    But I feel like I'm drowning in a fountain
    I need to keep you off my mind
    But there is nothing to find
    I spend my life alone
    Wasting my time at home
    You took every part of me
    So that now I can't see
    I want to hurt you
    Which I can't bring myself to do
    I love you too much now
    But I just can't see how
    To make you love me too
    Love me like I love you