• A year ago since then; this night
    You'd been within my reach; my sight
    Your tranquil tune had filled all around
    I could think of nothing but this delicate sound
    Your sweet soft song sung ever so fairly
    It made the eyes droop and the muscles grow weary
    My eyes would close to this music so sweet
    Lying close to you hearing your heart beat
    Lying with you til the morning was nigh
    Listening to your melody that was my lullaby

    Interrupting my thoughts and corrupting my dreams
    Sometimes a silent night is just not as it seems
    A resounding scream and a thunderous shot
    There was no time for a soul to have fought
    A shot made for a worthless item unknown
    A discharge that left me crying, all alone
    An inch of frigid lead took your love from me
    It scattered your ashes across the dark gray sea
    Never my lullaby again to be heard
    Never your lips to utter those words

    A year ago this night; since then
    Across the smooth sea whispers the wind
    Residing on the beach upon the cold white sand
    Wishing your figure would saunter upon land
    Hoping you would walk out of the desolate sea
    Walking out to live; to love with me
    As the calm breeze cools my face
    I wish we had been in a different time and place
    As the gust reaches toward the gloomy sky
    I can hear you gently singing my lullaby