• Glory

    If there were anything wrong with glory
    It’s that it lasts forever naught
    Pleasure comes and goes at will
    And we all lose that we’ve sought
    It is oft said that times like these
    Come once in life and ne’er again
    But the moment of bliss is worth
    More than the remaining lives and pain
    But what soul does carry such burden
    To live but a moment of bliss
    And tell every wandering traveler
    Of things they shall forever miss
    Beware, traveler of glory
    I do tell you of the tale
    Of the burden of glory’s touch
    On a soul who shan’t prevail
    One may try his hardest,
    And ne’er give quitting a thought
    Yet none shall forever feel glory
    A feeling lay long forgot
    Yet, again, once presented the offer
    Of living one moment of joy
    One must decide if it’s worth it
    To take memories meant to destroy
    For that is all the memories do
    To the hero that once stood proud
    They tear him down from the shoulders
    That once refused to bow
    Yet to be the hero of old
    To know that glory once was grasped
    Perhaps is the greatest glory of all
    For it is the glory that lasts.