• They waist their time and precious mind, just trying to fit in, so they hang with dealers on the corners calling them their friends. But they wont care or think about them if their life was brought to an end.

    So people cry inside for them at night and pray their life reach the light, they is young but they are blind, so they play with their in a game of crime.

    So people stand from the sidelines and watch their game, and hold their heads for they feel their shame. But they is so bright and handsome in spite, of all of their problems, its just a part of life.

    Although there is some relation to me i still care, they need to know that i got their backs and i'll always be there.

    They needs to know that some one cares for them, and that someone is me, they need someone to take them off and out them deadly streets, they need to know that they can make it, if only they could see.