• I'm Sorry
    By: Bluefire
    July 20th

    Remeber the night that we first met
    That night that we truely dread
    You took so many pills
    My veins were exposed to the world

    I saved you
    You saved me
    And we lived so happily

    Last night it all changed
    We broke apart and it was never the same
    I carved into my flesh these saddened words of "im sorry"
    Wrote in blood on the walls "I love you"

    Raised the gun to my head
    And wished everything was dead
    Before i pulled trigger
    I reached out for help

    After calling ten
    No one was there
    But yet one answered

    Telling my story
    With pain in heart
    Tears down my face
    It then became a race

    To see if i would make it in time
    To stop my mind
    From goin insane
    With this such violent rage

    On the way there
    To a place i truly dared
    I replayed the events in my head
    To the very last text

    I never wanted it to end like this
    The words i repeated on to that room
    On the way there i called ahead
    They knew i was coming
    The even sent out for my emergancy meds

    Oh wat pain is in my heart
    What joys i have yet to feel
    A girl i truly loved
    That is no longer in my sites

    Yet things are changing in me
    This saddness its fading
    Oh the power the anger in my veins
    I can feel them slowly take over my rage
    These voices i have
    These images in my mind

    Come forth my others
    Lets have a joy ride tonight
    My tears have dried
    Its only been ten minutes
    Heartbroken so loveless
    But atleast i still have friends

    To love i bid farewell
    To the girl that saved my life a few years ago
    I love you still
    To the girl I told I loved that then answered my call
    Thank you.
    For the world im sorry
    You wont get my soul today
    You wont get my body ever again
    Screw your urges to make me die
    I'll live on

    Let my screams no longer echo through ur floors
    Let my blood stain your walls no more
    Come forth my raven lets both say nevermore
    Let my ansestor's blood run through me again
    Great Uncle Poe I thank you for my gift.
    For all of the rest of you im sorry my blood is no longer yours.