• Forever lost,
    Forever seen,
    Always sought,
    I always flee,

    Until the sun rises in the west,
    The impossible will always evade the best.

    Far from the land,
    Deep down in the sea,
    In the darkened silt and sand,
    Is where the truth just might be,

    Until the world comes to an end,
    The pain and suffer is suspend,
    And the sky is alight when our flesh is rend,

    Hope you are lost,
    Hope you are found,
    When ever we need you,
    You just stand around,

    Despair is here,
    Despair is about,
    Whenever we try to ditch you,
    You just flex your clout,

    Until we can create hope in the science lab,
    Once we can destroy despair with a single slab,
    And when the sun has finally set on emotional light,
    Then comes the enlightenment of eternal night,

    Forever to be lost,
    Never to be seen,
    Deep down in the ocean,
    Where death has only been,
    And when we all sink down to join the silt and sand,
    Finally, in death's dark light,
    We can find the enlightened man.