• I'm told that I'm blind
    That all you do to is no good
    They say I'm being naive
    But I just wanna believe in you

    I know that you are good to me
    I know you love me for real
    I know you have your bad moments
    But they tell me you're out of control

    I wish they could see what I see
    I wish they could feel a bit of what I feel
    I wish they could meet the real you
    I wish the world was true

    They say you are taking advantage of me
    I believe it's the other way
    I use and abuse of your love
    Why can't they see that?

    They advise me to get away
    They think you should say you're sorry
    But I ask "sorry for what? For loving me?"
    And they ask what's wrong with me

    I wish they could see how you hold my hand
    I wish they could feel your sweet kisses
    I wish they could let me live
    I hope this is all true