• Dead At 30

    I live my life as I choose,
    I don't listen to all the fools.
    Slowly I become sick of life,
    Soon I will slit my throat with a knife.
    Gradually over time my pain grows stronger,
    I then discover I don't want to live much longer.
    The way I act is because of the way people treat me,
    I wish someone would take a club and just ******** beat me.
    All of my life I have been an outcast,
    All of my life I have been just a piece of trash.
    The darkness is where I hang,
    I only come out at night or when it rains.
    I don't give a ******** about what people think,
    Soon I shall reach the brink.
    Day after day I grow more insane,
    Bash my head in and damage my brain.