• I can feel the Angel of Death,
    Lurking in the alley way by the corner,
    Who will save me from this?
    Did anyone not hear my cry for help?

    I now lay on the ground,
    In a puddle of my own blood.
    Did anyone see my attacker?
    Will anyone come and save me?

    Is anyone going to save me?
    Or will I have to wait for the Angel of Death?
    I can feel that my End is near,
    I can hear the Angel of Death.

    Oh Angel of Death,
    Please make it Quick,
    I don’t want to feel the pain,
    I just want it to all end.

    Please Angel of Death,
    Make it Quick,
    In my final moments I beg you,
    Please can you take me away quick?

    I can see the Angel of Death,
    My End is here,
    Fore I see the Angel of Death.