• Why do birds sing?
    Why do men cry?
    Why do bees sting?
    Why wonder why?
    Makes no sense
    Never suppose to.
    As we live we wonder why
    Death has to come so soon.
    Why must it come
    Can't we live forever?
    We say life is to death
    As to be alone is to be together.
    Another little phrase
    Just to keep one content.
    By who cares at all
    Crying over a dent.
    A c***k in the armor
    but keep your heart and soul.
    Break apart forever
    Forever growing old.
    Die young, die fast
    It makes no sense.
    No matter what you accomplish
    Death is going to come.
    We speak of pacts with the devil
    A purely evil soul.
    But how can one be only evil?
    Makes no sense no matter how the story is told.
    I wish to make a pact with life
    But can that really be?
    I believe not
    Do I believe? No!
    I don't believe in angels
    Not in hearts pure as snow.
    I don't believe in demons
    Soulless beast matter not.
    So why do we lie and deceive.
    We say that we never believe.
    We give lives to save another and fill the living with guilt.
    By the blood of those dead our true empire is built.