• The clock is ticking; waiting for no one.

    The task he seek to finish is finally coming to an end. In his cold hands, he holds the key to opening her heart. He will be able to save her and everybody from the endless pain. With extraordinary knowledge and epic verbality, everyone and everything kneels before him. A fearsome being such as himself has no weakness nor friends. Hell, he doesn't even have enemies. Why? Because he will erase those who defies his ideals and beliefs.

    There she was, standing before him. She looked tired. Her drooping, brown eyes gazed at him. She was trying to tell him something important, but his pride gave in to ignorance and ignored her feelings. He knew something was wrong. He felt like he had done this before, but even so he ignored that too.
    He wanted to save her and he did, but..... Before he knew it, he was already hurting her. By saving her, he had to end her life. It was the only way. The only choice he had. The only path she had to choose, but she bravely fought til the very end. Was he happy or sad about the outcome of his task? He was overjoyed. Was she happy or sad about the outcome of her death? Neither. She may be satisfied that her story came to an end, but I'm furious.