• I laid in my bed in pure silence… The darkness of the room was heavy and dense. I had fallen into deep sleep where my dreams could carry me away.

    In my dream, I had awakened far away from civilization. The sky was a dark grey, and the fog that had lain over the land was thick and dense. The air was painful to breath, with every breath came the presence of others around me. I had risen from ground, steadying my feet against the crunching leaves beneath me. The presence of another being was getting stronger; I could hear in the silence someone breathing heavily. As if the being was waiting for my next move.

    I looked up at the sky, the thick clouds were settling over and droplets of rain started to fall. Finally, the silence was broken by an agonizing scream from afar.

    I was running toward the scream, there was this panic in me that I knew who it was. I was running at full speed, panting and trying to keep balance. I didn’t want to lose this person either, whoever it was. It was starting to get colder; I could feel it and see it.

    I had approached a barn, big and dark red, it was very old. The weather had done its worse to weak building. The screams hadn’t stopped, they were blood curdling screams. I feared worse, maybe I was too late. I approached the doors and opened them slowly.

    My eyes slowly adjusted to the room. There was a dim light that hung from the ceiling and a drenched dead body hanging from beans supporting the roof. I fell to knees; I could still hear the blood curdling screams. My mind had blocked out the noise of footsteps and the dark shadow man’s voice behind me…

    He had said;

    “Hahaha! Ryan!” … “Why are you always so late for the party?”

    I found myself in an uncontrollable rage, I reached out in front of me and grabbed the wooden beam on the floor and turned as fast as I could to strike the dark shadow man behind me.

    But he had hit me first… Straight across the face, with his razor sharp animal claws.

    I was suddenly laying on the floor, gasping for air, I was dazed. My vision blurred as he stepped over me and leaned toward my face. I was starring Death himself in the face as my body paralyzed before me. I could still hear him;

    “Wake up! You pathetic fool, wake up! Don’t let her die!”

    He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me toward the center of the room.

    I was screaming, as loud as I could, it was the most painful and horrifying scream.


    I jolted awake, sweat streaming down my forehead. I was gasping for air as my body trembled in fear. I could feel my heart racing faster and faster within each beat. I sat up in my bed, the darkness still heavy, but the cold presence had suddenly overcome me.

    I looked up and I could feel someone else there sitting on the bed with me. I reach out my hand and to feel if anything was really there. I closed my eyes, hoping nothing was there, until my hand was stopped. I opened my eyes in disbelief; I couldn’t believe something was actually there. I tried moving my hand and it wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t move, my entire body was paralyzed. I felt a hand brush against my face. Then a cold presence enter my body like I was nothing. I felt the coldness in my bones, and shivers come up my spine. For the minutes that it lasted, it seemed like hours.

    Suddenly my brother, Michael, abruptly came into the room. He turned on the light; I felt the cold presence retreat out of me and the oxygen return to me. I fell to the floor, gasping for air… The experience, so unreal yet horrifying to the thought. A ghos