• In a time of pain and anguish,a time after a great war has took place there is nothing but barren streets and small shows of resistance against the terror of k.i.l.l corp which stands for ......sis,what does it stand for?''I don't know its called KILL...you don't ask question with a name like that''.*sigh* Well anyway the land of SHORE is in a state of turmoil where the resistance is slowly gaining power and kill is making what is only known as "weapon alpha".All hope seems lost in a peaceful outcome, except for one boy that has a extraordinary power that just may be what we need....for peace.

    The cold ground shocks him awake, dirt in one hand,and a scythe in the other.He slowly says to himself as he brings his body of the ground : "How do i know this weapon?Where did it come from,how did it get here?And where am..", before he could finish his statement he looks up to see a giant beast hunched over with blood shot eyes and tusk white as snow, with a giant wound near its heart, dead.He lunges back in disbelief : "Did, did i do that?But how?"As he regains his composure he looks around to find a roaming pack of hungry wolves approach him eager to dig their claws into this next meal.for a short time the boy could vaguely make out voices.."Lets kill him"..."I get the arm"...''We had human yesterday"...''I'm paul....nuf said." ''What,wh-who's there?''But before someone could answer one wolf lunges at the boy and,instinctively,he raises the scythe not knowing what will happen,and on the first swing as one attacks him the blow creates a dark void of energy that easily cuts through the flesh of the wolf and leaves a large ravine between the pack and him.Shocked at his power,he runs deeper into the mountains in wich he awoke, trying to find what he was here to do and who he is.