• Her sweet short white dress is soaked with spots here and there.
    Her long wavy brown hair falls around her.
    She sits on the ground hugging her knees to her chest.
    The tears began to soak the ground all around her.
    She watches them fall without really paying any attention.
    All she can think of is escaping the place known as "home."
    I must leave immediately.
    "I've got to go home soon.
    Please God just take me now," she whispers.
    I'll say goodbye to HIM soon.
    The tears suddenly stop and so does her heart.
    She let's out a breath realizing that her mother found out about her boyfriend.
    With great sadness inside, she bows her head and folds her hands to pray.
    Please forgive me and don't take him away.
    She can no longer think straight and doesn't know what to think anymore.
    She sighs and doesn't even bother to wipe her tear stained face.
    "All of this because Mom found out I skipped school, total crap," she remarks cynically hiding her pain.
    That's when she stands on her wobbly legs in the cold dark night facing the world.
    "Save me someone.
    Show me the right path.
    Please catch me when I fall."
    Don't let me die so soon without doing something good.
    "Help me," she cries out.
    Then she weeps one last time and falls backwards the ground vanishing, the darkness caresses her with its freezing touch.
    Struggling to fight, she remembers the warm touch of HIM.
    She goes with one last defiant outburst, "I'll survive this because I know God loves me!"
    The last thing she remembers is seeing a figure tower over her and reaching out to catch her before succumbing to unconsciousness.