• Intro
    Her nails scratched at the ground and her blood stained the carpet as she tried to get a grip,
    "Please!" She cried over he and smiled darkly. He dug his left fist into her chest and gripped on to her heart as she gasped for air.
    "Give up," the deep familiar voice said right before she closed her eyes and his hand pulled out her heart and allowed her body to fall to the ground as the bloody hot mess he intended to make her.

    "She just wanted to be okay. To feel safe, and not be afraid to step outside her door. But everyone knew that she would never be okay again. And soon, she'd be dead. ********, worse then dead. To be murdered is one thing. To be murdered by the dead, is something way worse.
    When you're murdered by the dead, the pain is worse. It doesn't hurt just you're body, it indulges you're soul and ******** you 'til the end time."
    "Colbie, stop tryin' to scare her." I rolled my eyes at Stevie Rae's annoying accent and put my hands up as if I'd been caught stealing from a store.
    "I ain't scarin' no body. I just tellin' a true story." She set her bowl in the sink and smiled at me as she turned back to face Eryynn and I.
    "Are all british girls that bad at southern accents?"