• A man living a hard life was going through the worst hardships. His wife left him, he was laid off from his job and he was evicted from his home.
    Life was just a living hell for him, until he decided to kill himself. He picked up his revolver gun and stood in a ally to the gun to his head.

    Man: I can't take it anymore. Life just isn't treating me right.
    First Voice: That's right. Pull de trigga and it gine be all ova.
    Man: Who de heck is you?
    First Voice: A friend. Taking ya life is de answer tu all ya problems.
    Second Voice: No. Suicide is never the answer. It will only make things worse.
    Man: I must be hearing things. Death must be talking to me.
    Second Voice: No it isn't. Suicide is a terrible sin and will not gain you entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven
    First Voice: NONSENSE! If you take you life, I gine give you riches.
    Second Voice: Riches cannot compare with Eternal Life in Heaven.
    First Voice: let de man mek he decision. Its either riches or de fake heaven?

    The man paused. Is riches better than eternal life? He needed to know the answer to it all.He introduced his self to the Bible & read it in all the time he had. He began to change.
    Few days later, he stumble upon a suit case. He clicked it opened and found hundreds, probably thousand of dollars. He was then interrupted by the voices in his head………….

    First Voice: Ya find muni! Keep it & you gine get a good life. GUARINTEED!
    Second Voice: No. Its possibly stolen. Give it to the Police, it will be the right thing.
    First Voice: Look buddy, You got muni, now spend it at a Luxury Hotel & eat like a King.

    The man was puzzled but he decided to carry the case in. Turns out that the case was actually stolen from a recent Bank Robbery. After a while of investigating, the Police give the man a $10,000 Reward. After that the man made his life right and promise himself to never think of the Horrid taught of Suicide again.