• story takes place aboard U.S.A.T.Dorchester, in November 1st 1942. back in those days they were only 3 religions allowed in the U.S. either you were Christian, Jewish or...the other religion whee

    The four chaplains were aboard the ship to boost the troops moral. There were 902 lives about to be cast to the mercy of the frigid North Atlantic. They where sailing the North Atlantic when the captain walked in the room, he announced that there's been reports of enemy submarines surrounding the area, he wanted everyone to sleep with their life best's on. The life jackets were also hot and bulky, so many men set them aside as an unnecessary inconvenience.

    Outside it was another cold, windy night as the midnight hour signaled the passing of February 2nd and the beginning of a new day. In the distance a cold, metal arm broke the surface of the stormy seas. At the end of that arm, a German U-Boat (submarine) captain monitored the slowly passing troop transport. Shortly before 01:00 he gave the command to fire. silent's moments passed and the troops heard a scratching sound like metal scraping against metal , it was the missiles fired by the German U-boat, they were rubbing against the side of the ship. the chaplains rushed to the supply room to get their jackets, but there wasn't enough for everyone, finally one of the missiles form the German U-boat stroke the side of the ship.

    Working against time the Chaplains continued to pass out the life vests from the lockers as the soldiers pressed forward in a ragged line. And then....the lockers were all empty...the life jackets gone. Those still pressing in line began to realize they were doomed, there was no hope. And then something amazing happened, something those who were there would never forget. All Four Chaplains began taking their own life jackets off....and putting them on the men around them. Together they sacrificed their last shred of hope for survival, to insure the survival of other men.... most of them total strangers. Then time ran out. The Chaplains had done all they could for those who would survive, and nothing more could be done for the remaining...including themselves.

    it wasn't long before the captain gave the order to abandon ship. Looking back they saw the deck of the Dorchester and Braced against the railings were the Four Chaplains...praying...singing, giving strength to others because they all ready knew what was going to happen... they were gonna die. Their arms were linked together as they braced against the railing, Reverend Fox, Rabbi Goode, Reverend Poling, and Father Washington where their names. the Dorchester went down within 27 minutes when the first missile stroke. The North Atlantic Waters were about 40 degrees Fahrenheit which means most of the troops would die within 30 minutes if they didn't have a best. the ship sank and it took the 4 chaplains along with it.