• _____________________ Abyss in the glass___________________________________
    Through my childhood I was so imaginative! I loved going to my grandmothers farm and just watching the sun seep through her clear glass window... I wasn't a lot for words in my youth.
    Years went by as I aged into high school. I was usually a misfit. At least that was until I met Connor Locke. Now Connor was a strong sensitive guy don't get me wrong. But he too was a misfit and I had sort of a thing for him in my years. Yet that was until I was framed for his murder... Court day. July 5th 1989. All rise for the ruling of judge Pierce. Everyone stood except for me. I was too heartbroken... Sarah Lee Brown, said the judge. You stand accused of murder in the first degree. However I had a confession to make. I didn't kill him. It all started one fall morning of October of 1988. Connor wanted to walk home with me. I smiled and said sure. So he walked me a few blocks and then spoke out, So what brings you to Titus Springs..?
    What brings me? I questioned. I've lived here all my life. Is that so he asked? What are you, Spock? What does Spock have to do with anything he replied! Point is, I like you Sarah, And I want to know everything about you... We approached my doorstep and I said goodbye. As I closed the door he put his foot in the way to jam it from closing. Aren't you going to introduce me. he said. I sighed. Fine come in! I remember spending those warm January days with Connor. Laying on his nice ripped abs. His arms tightened around me. The days when his mom and dad left for vacation and he invited me over for hot cocoa in the cold. I loved him....
    As we approached the living room my 9 year old brother Joshua was playing the playstation. Move zit head I am watching television now I said. He said your such a rude jerk! Mom I cried out! Joshua is calling me a bad name. Josh knock it off she hollered.
    Look I should probably get going said Connor. Nonsense my mom said walking in the room. Stay for supper. We had dinner and Talked . Then Josh went home. We spent days and days dating . Until the unlucky day where the police came to the door. Your under arrest they said. And that's where my story takes place.

    To be continued!