• I am the cause of madness, undeniably engraved within my soul. This madness speaks from those on the outside; those which unknowingly bestow destructive weight. Crushing weight not to be trusted, and only seeking to harm that which inspires, which transpires, and which evaporates. And the fault is in the hands of the creators of this mass.

    But, do they know of this weight? It is in front of them. Tangible, life-like, real. They can read the pain in those around, so clearly they are able to see it. Is it simply the lazy intentions of an ignorant snob which perpetuate this weight to be carried by the pure and unburdened?

    And so madness becomes a grim fairy tale, brought on by those which are unable to care for the burden they create. And whether mass can be created or destroyed is not decided by the universe, but the inhabitants of this place.