• The sky was a charcoal black, with only small beacons drifting in and out of the few grey clouds that were left after a harsh wind. The cool night air bit at Kelsea's lips, freezing the inside of her mouth, every time she took a breath.
    She overlooked a small lake, dressed with white satin, the lake was perfect for ice skating. It was in the midst of December, and this was the first time the lake had frozen in an extremely long time. This made Kelsea even more exited. Her body was frozen all the way down to her chilling bones. She felt like Jack Skelington, standing naked in falling sleet.
    "Well then." she whispered to herself, stepped out on the frozen lake. "there is no time like the present." as soon as her foot was firmly planted on the ground, she started to sing.

    "White tiger lilies, bloomed in the fall," she spun around in a small circle. "girls lined up to pick them, one for a boy, two for ma, three for your pa, and 4 for you." she sang this song over and over again until her lips could not move, and her legs were stiff. Her entire body shook as she stepped off the ice.
    She then turned to her house and then back to the water. She unlaced her skate, leaned down to the water and began to whack the ice with her blade. As soon as the water was in view, she lifted up her foot with the shoe still on, and kicked it as hard as she could.
    The small hole quickly became larger and larger. Kelsea smiled widely and took off her other shoe. She placed them neatly on the bank of the river and then turned to the hole. she waited for a few moments until the hole was big enough to fit through. As soon as it was big enough she put her head inside, and slipped her torso in through the hole.
    The water was like one thousand million needles, pin pricking her skin. The hole froze over, and Kelsea began to sing with the last of her breath,

    "White tiger lilies, bloomed in the fall, girls lined up to pick them, one for a boy, two for ma, three for your pa, and 4 for you."