• Journey of my life
    Chapter 1

    RRRRiiiinnnnggg!!, RRRRiiiinnnnnggggg!!! my alarm went off. I looked at my clock. AHH!!! ITS ONLY 6:45 AM! Why do i have to be a wizard! I stood up and slipped on my slippers. I shuffled to the bathroom, did my morning 'duties' and went back to my room. I looked at the calendar. September 1... OMFG! The first day of sophomore year! I went to my closet. My name's Lily Gardner. My life's supposed to be a normal teenager until... last night....

    **flash back**

    "Honey, it time to tell you the truth." My dad said.

    "What?!?!" I said loudly.

    "The truth is ... we're decendents form the wizard Merlin and that means you are a wizard too.

    "What?!?!?! You could’ve told me that earlier! Since when?

    "It true hon, I’m sorry. And since u were born. We saw that you were glowing. And I had a feeling u were."

    WHAT! I'm a wizard! I tried to sink the truth in. I couldn't sleep last night.

    "And Hun?"


    "We have a laboratory to. I'll show it to u once you get home from school"

    So you had the story. I'm a 15 year old girl, who’s a wizard and wants to become a normal teenager. I got my jeans, and my We the Kings T-shirt, brushed my hair, and checked myself for anything unusual. I was 5'10 [tallness from my dad], tan skin [from my mom], light brown hair [mix]. I grabbed my socks and Converses and went out my bedroom.

    I grabbed a piece of bread and went to go get juice. My brother Ryan walked in.

    "Hey" he said.

    "Hey" I said back.

    "So, your a sophomore now right?"

    "Yes i am. What are you? My stalker?"

    "Hmm... and NO." he said defensively.

    "It was only a joke.”


    "ohkay... i'm going to go... BYE MOM BYE DAD! Bye sir forgets a lot."

    "bye hun" my mom said

    "cya later " my dad retorted.

    “WHATEVER!” I heard my brother say

    ~AT SCHOOL~ O.o
    I walked into the gates and saw my friends at the usual spot.
    I saw Elisabeth Merolo, Alice Chan, Megan Arrowana, Aidan Rico, Jessica Garmlelf, Joseph Arial, Jimmy Landon, Michael Hanks , Grant Murfy, Grace Jones, Phillip Collins and my best friends Krystal Spinkle, Mina Cloudry, Lucy Hallenburg and my best guy friends Jake Akers and Mark Stevens. I went up and hugged them. It's funny how we always make circles when we're together. Which means I hugged them one by one, around in circles.

    "I think we're missing someone.” I said.

    Then I felt hands go over my eyes.

    "Christopher, I know it’s you." I said again.
    "Christopher!" Lucy said.

    “Christopher Van Helsing! You’re so in trouble Mr.!”

    “What’d I do?”

    Everyone started laughing.

    “Just kidding! XD”

    I removed his hands and hugged him.

    “Guess what?”

    “What?” everyone said and looked up at me at the same time.

    “My dad just told me the truth… i’m a wizard.”


    I was the only one in the group without powers until yesterday. That’s probably why I felt really weird during junior year. Whenever I look at an object it starts floating, I usually thought that I was hallucinating but I wasn’t, and this one time I looked at the clock and wished it was 5 min later. Then the long hand moved and then poof! We got dismissed. It was really weird. Anyway, time to talk about my friends and their powers:

    Elisabeth Merolo: werewolf. Really smart. Her mom is human and her dad is a werewolf. Decendent from her dad’s side. Plays the flute. Really skinny. The homework helper.

    Alice Chan : Invincibility (mix of werewolf and vampires) Her mom is the vampire and her dad is the werewolf. She’s round, chubby cheeks. She’s an amazing artist. The idea machine. In love with Michael Hanks

    Megan Arrowana : Fairy Elf (but really tall…) Really creative. Her mom’s a fairy and dad elf. Loves to shoot arrows. The calmer.

    Aidan Rico : He talks/contacts spirits. He has talked to Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain. He has also been through the past, like the Roman Empire and the China Dynasty

    Jessica Garmlelf : She’s a descendent from Medusa. When you look in her eyes she can cut your senses...JUST KIDDING!!!! HAHAHA!!! … ONLYwhen she touches u. Only when she feels like it. She doesn’t do it to her friends. Very pretty. The vicious one. LOL JAYKAY… She’s the one that will help you to beat someone up. She has your back. REALLY TOUGH…. >.<

    Joseph Ariel : You guessed it! (but if u didn’t your dumb… JUST KIDDING!!! HAHAHAbut seriously ) He’s a descendent from Poseidon, the sea god. He’s buff, can control water, can create earthquakes, and his backyard has 5 horses! He’s on our school’s swimming team.

    Jimmy Landon: He’s a shapeshifter. One time he shapeshifted into the principal, went to the
    classroom and scared me to death. He’s in love with Jessica Garmlelf .O.o He’s the clown.

    Michael Hanks : He can read minds. He’s dating Alice Chan. He’s the one who gives advice. He’s always has a book in his hand. He’s a vampire, not the evil kind. He’s like an ‘Edward Cullen’ but not very famous and over protective. Very silent.

    Grant Murfy He’s a healer. He can also read any language. Ask him to translate a French book and he’ll do it in a snap. He’s in love with Grace Jones, but doesn’t want to ask her out …yet…

    Grace Jones She can fly and use telekinesis… she’s also a vampire… She can also tell if this person like this person. She’s like that matchmaker…kinda…

    Phillip Collins He’s a wizard like me. He and I love painting [yes I do] He comes over to my place and fool around painting stuff. He also plays the drums, I sing and play the piano. He was there when I was little.

    Krystal Spinkle : She’s a decendent from Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom, war, strategy, industry, justice and skill. [WTF!!! THAT A LOT. that’s why she’s my best friend.]HAHAHA… I know her really well.

    Mina CloudryBest friends with Krystal, Lucy and ME! >.< She’s bait. She’s like a monster magnet. Really brave. Can tell the future. Mina and Lucy became friends in junior high when they both refused to dissect a frog. If you have ever read the book "Dracula" you would know that Mina was the character that Dracula was in love with but she hated him because she blamed him for her best friend Lucy Barrows disappearing.

    Lucy Hallenburg : her mom and my parents are best friends. Her mother got killed by Dracula. So that makes us like really best friends. She has always hated her hair. Decendent from Lucy Barrows in Bram Stoker’s Dracula She ran away and the famed vampire has been chasing her and her descendants ever after. Her Mom and Grandmother has been searching for Dracula and haven’t been able to defeat him yet. Her cat’s real name is Professor Van Helsing; he was turned into a cat by Dracula when he tried to get revenge on Dracula for almost killing Lucy's mother (who’s name, like her mother and grandmother, was Lucy). Lucy had been at a park one day when Dracula snuck up on her, bit her, and started sucking her blood. [which means she’s a vampire too…] He wasn't able to kill her; he only infected her with a disease with the same symptoms as leukemia. Going out with Christopher Van Helsing.

    Jake Akers His power is superspeed. He ran the mile in 5 min. He’s in the school’s track team. He think he’s all that because he is faster then anyone.

    Mark Stevens He has the ability is to see through stuff. Mark is Lucy's neighbor, they grew up together.

    Christopher Van Helsing You probably know about him. Vampire Hunter, but he doesn’t hunt his friends. He and Lucy are like a couple everyone wants to be. They get along real easy. No one has ever seen them argue. He is a really cool person to talk to. He’s doesn’t get mad a lot.

    Well I guess that’s it for the intro.

    We all said byes and went to our class. I was alone. Everyone was at the other building for this period and I was alone. Except Phillip. He was in the same class as me. He was with a bunch of his other friends.

    I was walking down the halls to my locker when BAM! I ran to something.
    “HEY WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!!” I shouted. The ‘brick wall’ turned around and smacked me on the side.
    “HEY! OW!” I said out loud again.

    I looked up and saw Vic Irving standing there, mouth opened.
    My books were scattered all over the floor. Phillip saw me and ran towards me. Other people were running towards me. Then I saw Lucy and Krystal running towards me also.
    I woke up on the grassy fields, under a tree, with the wind blowing and you know what I mean. I looked up and saw Phillip. His eyes were closed. I stood up to sit. I examined his face. He looked cute… WHAT AM I SAYING! Then his eyes opened.

    “You okay?” he asked.

    “I think” I replied with pain in my throat. “Go back to sleep, you look tired.”

    “Nah it’s alright.”

    “You sure??”

    “Yea nothing to worry about”

    “Where are Lucy and Krystal?”

    “They went to get some snacks. Why you need something?”

    “No, I don’t need anything. Ummm… okay. Let’s get back in school”

    I stood up and Phillip helped me. My ankle throbbed. I’m going to have Grant looked at that. I walked through the door and saw Vic leaning on the wall. I gave him the evil stare. -_- He’s Lucy’s ex-boyfriends.

    “I-I-I’m sorry” he finally said.


    “No really I am.”

    “RIIIGGGHHTTTT” I said sarcastically.

    The bell then rang for lunch.

    “AHH! Bells won’t stop annoying me will they?”

    “Okay lets go.” Phillip chuckled

    We walked to our usual table. It is near a tree. I saw Elisabeth, Alice, Aidan, Grace and Grant sitting on the table.

    “Hey guys!” I said.

    “Hey Lily.” Alice said solemnly.

    “Hey,” Grace and Elisabeth said.

    And all I got from Grant and Aidan were ‘O.o?’

    “I ran in to a moving brick wall.”

    “OOOHHHHH” they finally said.

    Then Michael, Jimmy, and Joseph walked in. Michael went over to Alice and gave her a peck on the cheek. Jimmy and Joseph did the handshake thingy that boys usually do when they see each other to Grant and Aidan.

    They saw me and gave me with my leg and gave me a ‘O.O?’

    “OH for goodness sake! someone tell them the story!” I shouted, annoyed.

    “She ran in Vic” Phillip said.

    “Now you get it! He’s huge and I’m tiny compared to him so don’t blame me.”

    Jimmy and Joseph started snickering. I grabbed the closest thing to me, 1 piece of bread and a tangerine, and chucked it at them.
    Jimmy grabbed the bread and bit it.
    “oooo ciabatta!” Jimmy said.
    My throwing sucked to the tangerine curved towards Elisabeth.
    “I call the tangerine” Joseph yelled out and dived for the fruit.
    “No offence Lily, I’m just saying this because I’m concerned.” Elisabeth said putting a hand on my shoulder. “But you need better skills on throwing stuff.”
    I blushed.
    I stuck my tongue out at them. Jessica, Jake, and Mark walked in.

    “She~” Phillip began.

    Jake: “We already know, Lucy and Krystal told us. Mina saw what was going to happen and started walking towards where you were.

    “Mina saw and never told me?”

    Jessica: “Well at least she was running to tell you.”

    Mark (changing the subject): “Can I have bread?”

    “Hey Jimmy give him the bread I chucked at you” I said.

    Jimmy: “Shouldn’t I keep it because it hit me?”


    “Here have mine.” Aidan said.

    Mark: Thanks.

    I handed him the bread. Mina, Krystal, Lucy holding hands with Christopher walked in with McDonalds. Then all of the sudden, I stood up and said ~
    “MINA! KRYSTAL! LUCY!” and ran toward them. I tried and fell halfway. Jimmy, Joseph, and Aidan started snickering again. I gave them my evil stare. -_-. That shutted them up.

    Christopher: Um… Miss Klutz? I think you should sit down. [he said jokingly]

    Mina: YEA!

    Krystal: you okay?

    Lucy: Lily!!!

    “I’m alright. No need to worry.”

    Krystal: Did Grant check it yet?

    Me: No. I’ll let him eat and later he’ll check.

    Lucy: Hmmm. Anyway… who wants a burger?!?!?!

    Mina: I got donuts!

    Krystal: I got soda.

    “I call the cheeseburger!” Jimmy said and pointed.

    Joseph: NO THAT’S MINE! *grabs burger*

    Jimmy: Miiinnnnee!!! ITS FOR ME! I CALLED IT!! *grabs it back*

    Joseph: Oh no you didn’t! *body slams jimmy*

    Me, Krystal, and Megan: O.o

    Then everyone ran after Lucy, Mina, and Krystal except me and Megan, who were sitting there laughing our heads off.

    Me: Ahh. Megan, I’m just glad you’re the normal one.

    Megan: What are you talking about? I stole Mark’s bread and bit teeth marks in it. XD
    Now he’s sitting in that corner crying over there. *points*
    I turned to where she was pointing. I see Mark sitting there crying over bread. He was making weird noises too.

    Me: Oh… then I guess Christopher’s the normal one.

    Christopher: What? *he turns holding a cheeseburger with his mouth full.*

    Me: No Jessica is.

    Jessica: What? What about me? *She’s on top of Aidan, trying to grab the French fry*
    I guess no one is normal except me

    Michael *looks up from his book*: Hey! I heard that! And I’m not the monkey going after food!

    Me: Sorry. XD

    Then I looked over at the chaos and it was still happening… Until…


    Author’s Note:
    Is is good? Thanks Lady Shi-Chan for inspiring me to write this. ^^. Comment? Rate? Please? Thxs. Some of these characters have some characteristics of my friends. Ch 2 coming soon!