• “Lexi. Lexi, meet Trixi.” He finished.
    “So, did you get what you want out of her? Can we let her out and leave?” she asked.
    I hid a smirk. She’s jealous of another female here.
    “No, he didn’t.” I said. “Where’d you find this Imp? What is she, a Cover girl? I bet she adds great ‘scenery’ to your place.” I smiled.
    That was for the Imp, to eat at her. And it did.
    “No, she doesn’t…”
    All of sudden, Ace ripped off the Imp’s towel, spinning her. I turned my head out of respect for a fellow girl, suddenly made nude. But when I opened my eye, making sure she was still there, she was wearing another towel.
    “Imp’s won’t show their bodies to out side species. Unless you want to see their body, and vice versa.” he said.
    Huh, go figure.
    “So she does have an ounce of dignity?” I asked.
    “Unfortunately no, no offence Trixi. I just don’t want to see her body. I prefer to only check out my own kind…”
    He paused. It was a long pause before a dog came charging though the door way that kept spitting out people. I think it’s a closet and all these guys are clowns.
    It ran up to me, licking me in the face. Before I could push it back, it was drug back by its collar, letting out a choking sound. It was kinda funny. The dog had a happy face on none the less. The dog was a black German Sheppard.
    Pretty dog, I had to say.
    “Lycan, no!” The man shouted at his dog.
    I could help but giggle. I thought it was funny. Get it, Lycan? Ah well…
    My capture walked over and unchained me.
    I reached over, swing at his fore arm, going to break it. But when I hit it, it was just a regular swing, nothing more. Something a Mortal would do. Less maybe.
    I was…embarrassed.
    “I fed you some garlic an hour ago. You won’t get your super human powers back for another couple hours. During those hours you’re going to be going through a Flash Back. During that time you’ll be pleading for blood, and I won’t give you any till you tell me what I want to know…till then, my house is your house.”
    I was speechless. I can’t believe it. I lunged for the back of blood he left near the radiator. I plunged my teeth in the bag, drinking it like my life deepened on it.
    I spat it out.
    “Hey,” he said. “I mean, it’s no blood, but it’s just water with red food coloring. Even you guys drink water.”
    I looked at him, blood lust in my eyes. I lunged. I got him by the arm, but before I knew it I was hurled onto the ping pong table, fore arm against my throat.
    “You’re not going to be able to get any blood from me, Trixi, or even Lycan. Lycan is going to go play in the woods; Trixi is a demon, so no blood; and it’s clear you can’t over power me. Sorry chick, you’re out of luck.”
    He let go of me, and I got up. no problem there, I don’t trust for dog blood, no matter how hungry I am…but I was so frustrated, nervous, and stressed out, I said the only that would calm me down.
    “Fine, then I wants to play ping-pong.” I said.
    Well, I expected the dirty looks. I didn’t expect the laughing. Finally, when I was getting sick of laughing, the guy, Ace I think, agreed.
    So, we started to start the game, talk and what not. I have to say, it was turning out better than I first thought it was.
    I thought I was going to be chopped up and flushed down the toilet. Yeah, I watch too many movies…

    We volley the ball a couple times, talking. She wasn’t half bad, I had to admit. And…I hate to say this about someone who tried to kill me…she wasn’t half bad as a person. A lot like me.
    “So…” I said. “Your father had a ping pong table, and since you were the youngest and wasn’t old enough to hunt yet, you would sit and play by your self?” I asked.
    She nodded. “Yep; and I was always kind enough to let myself win too.”
    I had already told her about her friends, how the one disappeared while the other is just lying up on the hill. She doesn’t know what happen to the professor, and the one guy, Cab if I recall, apparently he was a…well, I can’t say the exact word she used…but to say nicely, he was a jerk.
    “Hey, I invited a friend over. I would say I hope you don’t mind but you technically a prisoner, so your say doesn’t matter. You two would get along.” I said.
    I looked at the clock. Four thirty three. He should be getting here any time now.
    “Why’s that?” the girl asked.
    Ding dong.
    I spiked the ball, winning the match and game.
    “That should be him…” I said to know one in particular. I left the room, walking to the back of the room and through the door way. I walked up the stairs and up to the living room. It was simple living room. White shaggy carpet with a couple chairs hear and there, and as sofa. Nothing matched. There was crap everywhere. I don’t really clean much.
    I walked to the front, brown, paint chipped front door. I opened it up and saw Duke. Duke was a sandy blond boy with dark glasses that magnified his grey eyes. They’re brown contacts during the day. Tall, slender and skin as white as snow. His messenger bag, which house poetry, fiction, and diaries, never left his side.
    He looked up, and then smiled. He shut the book he was reading and tucked it away in his bag in a flash. He walked in, high fiving me.
    “So,’ he said.
    His voice seamed perfect for his look. Like always. “You said I had to meet…” he stopped.
    His eyes focused on Lexi, in the fluffy purple road. He sniffed the air a single sniff. He was almost speechless. Almost.
    “Well, who is this mighty pretty thing?” he asked, leaning against the wall next to her.
    She sniffed the air too and looked at me.
    “You know a vampire? Wait,” she said, waving a hand. “Let me rephrase, you know a vampire that isn’t trying to kill you?!?”
    Duke laughed.
    “If you like that sort of stuff, just wait, I’ll tear his throat out.” he said.
    I laughed a little, but quickly stopped it. “Oh, thanks Duke…I thought our motto was bros before hoes?” I asked.
    “What?! I’m not a hoe!” she screamed.
    Oh good, she caught that one. I was afraid that was going to go right over her head.
    Duke moved to in front of her, almost pressing his body against hers. Or was. I couldn’t tell at this angle.
    “Not yet baby…” he mumbled.
    “Get away from me you freak!” she shoved.
    She shoved him and he fell over. I caught him by the arm pits. We both looked at her, smiling.
    She didn’t say anything. Not yet…not yet…now.
    “What?! Why are you and king pervert there smiling at me?” she asked me.
    We both dropped to the floor laughing. It was great. We do this with every vampire chick we meet. Well, I should say we meet, with me wearing some sort of deodorant Duke made me.
    It makes me smell like a vampire, not a werewolf, but werewolves can pick up the fake sent, not vampires. We use it to mess with vampires with this skit all the time. It’s quiet funny.
    “What?! Stop laughing at me! Why are you laughing!?” she cried, almost throwing a hissy-fit.
    We pounced up, acting as if nothing happened. My arm was around Duke’s neck, dangling.
    “Well Miss Lexi,” I was saying.
    “Nice name by the way, I mean it.” Duke added.
    “Like I was saying…” I said, eyeing Duke. “Miss Lexi, Duke here is gay. As if no sexual attraction towards woman what. So. Ever.” I said.
    Duke lifted my arm off of him and slid next to Lexi, who was eying him like he was cartoon. This is reasonable. We often act like a comedy team when we’re together.
    “Yes me lady. I’m gay, and Ace’s discretion was right, no sexual attraction to woman, and him. Now, you may see something in him, but I don’t. I see a slob with greasy hair. But feel free to give me numbers too all you’re friends. And I mean all of them. Male, female. I’ll just give the female ones to Ace,” he said.
    Every time he points out my faults, I feel kind wounded, but we’ve been best friends for almost life. We would play after school and stuff, in the woods. Hunting squirrels and chipmunks, just having fun. We didn’t know we were supposed to hate each other. And even when we were taught that we were supposed to hate each other, we didn’t.