• The snowflake falls on his sleeve as he's running. He dives under a mound of snow as he takes holds his AK-47. "Crap these Nazis are everywhere...". A second person dives next to him. "Shut up Wolf!" the man whispered while he was reloading his own gun.

    "Alright whatever Panda" He replied silently. "We gotta shoot these bastards down so we can get the hell out of here". Wolf take out a clip and put it in his AK. Panda put a scope on his rifle and docked it on the mound. "When I spot some of those douche bags i'm firing right away." he said.

    Wolf docked his AK on the mound and waited silently. "Panda you got any jerkey?" he asked. "Yeah got a few pieces left have one." he replied. Wolf and panda sat there quietly for the next ten minutes when a truck pulled up behind them and a few men jump out and aim their guns at there heads.

    They said something in German so they couldn't understand what they said. One of the men said in English with a very strong German accent, "Be quiet or we will shoot, You are our POW's now." the men grabbed the two and threw them in the back of the truck and started to drive away.

    While in the truck the men tied wolf and pandas hands together and tied them together with a rope. "Well I think we should've brought someone with a panzershrek huh?"
    said panda. "Shut up..." replied wolf.

    They were in the truck for a while before they were at the Nazis base. The Nazis grabbed them and threw them in a metal cage that was a 5x5 size. The next day some soliders came in and patted them down taking any pistols, knives, food, or ammo. They found some ammo and food, but no knives.

    For the next few days they sat in the cage only getting fed once a day. What they were fed was some rice that was rotten and stuff crawling around in it. " I swear we better win this war so we can get the hell out of here." said wolf eating his food.

    Later on that day some soliders came to pick them up in a truck. They were taken to a POW camp. They were thrown in a cell with eight other POWS. They reconized that three of them were from their platoon. One was tall and in good shape,his name was Rex.

    The other two were Rome and Tex, they were twins. "You guys got caught too?"
    asked wolf staring at them. "Yep, they caught us threw us in a cage brought us here yesterday." Tex replied sadly.

    Three weeks passed then Wolf had thought of something in a dream he had the night before. "Everyone I got an I dea!" he said happily, "We can dig out of this place easily since this floor is loose concrete!" Tex looked at him and said "Thats not a bad idea we do use the same fork and spood everyday."

    They lifted up a loose piece of concrete that was just barely wide enough for al of them to slip through. Since there was eight of them they dug out quicker than if it was just the five from the platoon. After four weeks they managed to make a tunnel that was about eight-teen yards long. They decided to call the tunnel d**k.

    Within another four weeks they managed to make a second tunnel that was about twenty-two yards long. They named the tunnel Larry. After that five months passed and the third tunnel they named Henry it was as long as three football fields. "Alright guys we're gonna escape from henry but Tex you go jack a motor cycle that has a side-car and Rex you go with him and do the same". Said Panda.

    It took Panda,wolf, and Rome an hour to crawl through the tunnel,but Tex and Rex had already got the motorcyles. When they saw the three heads pop up they all got in the side cars drove off and they had escaped together from that terrible POW camp and they each went to their base which was an hour away.

    They rode with white flags on the their motorcycles so they didn't get shot at.
    They returned to the base then a year later the war ended and they all returned home to their families.