• I am tired of hearing the same words over and over again. Words that are supposed to be helpful to you but in the end, it's just the same thing.
    Words of wisdom, of hope... words that are getting on my nerves.
    Aren't you tired of hearing: "Everything's possible" or "You can do anything"?
    I am. Either they come up with better words or I'm leaving this crap.

    I mean, this guy sends me a message via Myspace that goes: "Stop looking down at your path and look up, walk forward to your life."
    So I reply this person like this: "Dude, I don't know in what century you come from but let me clear this out before you go all man-in-the-mirror on me: It's not about looking down at the ground, it's about seeing were our path take us. I mean, I'm walking but I ain't seeing no destination or stop near by. Did I take the wrong turn? Guess what? Their ain't no turn. Either you missed your stop or started in the wrong trail."

    Because deep in our childhood values, they make sure we believe that we can be anything we put our heart into. And I'm not saying it isn't true because there are many succesful people out there who do what they love. No, I'm saying that for most of us, this bacomes something rutinary. An everyday thing.

    If you walk down the road you'll see, common Americans never put their whole hearts into things. They put some, but not all of it. It's like they fall into a numb state after High School.

    Want to know why? Because they have drugged us with these "precious words" of wisdom. So much that at some point, there's no effect.
    Like heroine. In the beginning, it feels good. But after some time, you don't feel the same ecstasy as you once did.

    Yes, you can do anything but we have to learn how to be a little bit more realistic.

    Here are my words of wisdom: Until you see the reality, you won't be able to make a fantasy and less, make a fantasy come true.