• This is my first story......
    this has the 1st and 2nd chapter in it
    Before I would make the next chapter
    I must know if yoou really liked it
    If yes, i'll continue if no, I won't...^^

    it rained soooo hard
    the rain went up to the roof
    I can hear its sound
    It has already been 10 days since it rained
    but now its quite different from last time
    I was sitting and looking at the window
    As I can see, its already flooding
    Water is already on a person's hips
    I sat.
    I looked.
    I waited.
    I kept waiting.
    the I saw hearts falling from the sky
    The sky became red
    Red...my favorite color
    It gave out hearts
    hearts everywhere
    I wondered.
    I stood up.
    I went outside.
    then I can just see water
    droplets of water from way up.
    It made wondered even more
    I just can't see what this really means
    what's with all this rain???
    I sang quietly.
    Then someone pat me
    "What a beautiful day right?"he said
    It was someone whom was a stranger to me to at school
    "I do not call it beautiful" I answered
    "Look at those clouds, they seem to be dark outside
    but I can tell that they do not want what were doing" He said
    "They really have hearts that gave us"He added
    I realized and thought
    "What is love???" I asked myself
    "Can you believe that these rain is really love?" He said
    "um...." I said
    "love...." I added
    "sorry i gots to go" I quickly said
    I ran away from him
    I was afraid
    what is it?
    I just dont get it.

    2nd CHapter
    Its been 5 days after that incident that I was questioned
    I haven't seen that boy though or even knew what's his name
    It was still raining but it became more quietly
    I took out my notebook
    its all about me
    I always read it
    sooo.... here's a time to start introducing myself
    I am Acara
    Acara Owasha
    and Im just 15 yrs old.
    Im just going to tell you that for private reason
    I closed my notebook
    It was our next class so that means
    I must change classrooms
    I ran quickly
    then i bumped into this guy
    I still ran and didn't care
    I haven't seen his face but I just know it was a boy because of his clothes
    Math Class
    the teacher gave us
    questions and I answered it
    The teacher checked it
    and I got a perfect score
    She gave me a pass to let me go 1 year level higher
    I went to that class
    I was outside the classroom
    opened the door
    I first saw the window
    since it was transparent I saw the sun....
    The sun shone brightly
    Rain was over
    then my teacher said"excuze me"
    "oh sorry"I said
    The guy I saw 5 days ago was here
    He giggled
    I gave the teacher my pass
    "Pick a seat" he said
    I was away from the boy
    He was very far from me
    "um teacher, she haven't introduced us who she is"the guy said
    "oh my , you're right!"
    "ok class I am Acara Owasha"I said
    "now its the class's turn to introduce themselves, right teacher???"I said
    "Im Kamate"the guy said
    He was sooo smart
    but Its weird
    now hes kinda like stupid
    others names were said but I didnt listen
    for I was busy
    busy listening to myself
    and I thought that he was mean for he is a stranger
    but I just have this feeling that he really ain't
    Everyone already told their name what it was.
    so I'm now stopping to listen to myslef before I get detention
    Math Class ended
    I went outside and thought about it again
    I thought about him.
    I became red
    He went to me
    I became even more red
    "Hi have we met?"
    I just ignored him
    "eh?"He said
    "Im going outside"I said
    "Wait up!!!!" he said
    I just stood
    "Can you see why its sunny???"He questioned
    "Rain is gone so love is gone" he said
    "for love is in our hearts and those clouds gave that love from their hearts"he added
    "Can you just get away from me???"
    "Just go away"
    I ran.
    He went to me.
    "ok, I love you!"
    I stopped running
    "There I said it
    The reason that I'm going following you is that because I love you" He said
    I still stopped and listened
    I was even more red than before
    "so please stop."he said
    I ran again beacuse I felt scared
    then I looked back and saw him nodding
    and I saw tears.
    I was at home
    and felt this feeling
    a mixed feeling
    Sadness and Guilt
    Tears from him looked like rain
    rain, his hearts
    I cried
    my tears toward him
    made me feel sleepy
    so I slept.....