• Prologue to Leo descent into darkness

    A sharp pain rips through my face, as metal hits bone. A pain that I can't help but to love. It intrigues me, holds me, saves me. My cheek turns a deep shade of red as it begins to bleed alittle from the ring to cheekbone impact, my head turning with force as I fall to the ground. She towers there above me, her deep, dark blue eyes wide, pupils almost slitted. Her raven hair falls over her eyes momentarily, hiding them from view. Her chest heaves in an out as she lets her anger flow through her, teeth clenched slightly. Sexy. A word no longer part of my vocabulary, but can't help but think to myself as i feel my heart begin to skip. I stave off the urge to let a smile slip across my face and cool down my heart rate. I sit there poker-faced and expressionless.

    "I am sorry M'lady...", I let my voice speak lyrically, but expressionless, "I did not see you there behind me...", She breaks the branch from the tree that swung back, slashing her in the neck and throws it to the ground angrily. She looks back at me through her hair, her eyes lock into mine momentarily. Stone. I force that word into my mind in order to hide my true thoughts from her interloping eyes. Blood begins to rush out more quickly from the slight wound upon my face. Curses...must keep control...I attempt to waver the constant beating in order lighten the blood flow. She turns on me quickly, straddling my still propped up body and rests her hands on my shoulders. This doesn't help me one bit from keeping calm, but my face remains emotionless. I don't flinch. Even as she presses her lips against my cheek. I continue to stare off into nothingness, despite my mind cascading. Slowly she begins to lap up the blood upon my cheek, sending a silent chill all throughout my body. Her tongue warm, but her ball piercing cold as ice. Sending wave after wave of chills down my cheek and all the way through my body with every pass over my skin. Then slowly she presses her lips harder and I can feel her teeth against my skin. She begins to suck in slowly, causing my blood to race even more.Yet I stay firm, unmoved. My cheek begins to tingle as she continues to drink me in. i feel her lashes brush my skin as she begin to close her eyes, enjoying it salty taste. I feel her lips curve up against my skin as she loses herself slowly and begins to bite down gently, sucking in harder.
    "What are we going to do with you Leo...", she says silkily with a sigh as she appears suddenly in my line of site. Her back to me to me. Towering above. She puts her hand to her neck and looks at it. Stained red. Suddenly I'm on my feet and standing directly behind her,
    "Allow me Lady Valentine...", I hear myself speak lyrically, but expressionless. Without warning I feel my lips upon her neck as she turns suddenly to my voice. I feel her heart race suddenly as press down and my arms snake around her. Left hand to the back of her neck, pulling in slightly. Right arm around the waist to hold her steady. I feel her body go rigid at the sudden impulse of my action, then slowly soften as her hands reach up my back and rest on my shoulder blades. Slowly I close my eyes. Let instinct guide me. I start gently, tenderly kissing the wound. I feel her grip tighten. Like a boa constricting it's prey, squeezing harder and harder with every beat of the heart, I continue, pulling in deeper and deeper as her grip tightens, her body growing less and less lax. She digs her claws in deeper, her body burning like a wildfire. I can hear her breath growing more and more frantic, feel her chest heave more and more, her skin blazing. Yet my lips stay cold, my mind focused like iron in the unrelenting darkness.
    "Leo...", she whimpers out breathlessly, finally saying my name true: 'Lay-oh'. I continue, broadening the kiss, letting my fangs dig in as her nails pierce through the back of my shirt. My body is cold as ice, save for the hot blood against my lips and burning spikes in my back. Suddenly it happens. A sudden rush a blistering heat. Breath stopping shortly. Body going silent and motionless, save for a steady, yet frantic beat in her veins. She tries to speak, but to no avail. Her grip fails and her hands fall limp to her sides, leaving burning holes in my back. I feel her body go numb as her breathe grows shallow, beads of sweat forming on her brow. I lay her down gently on the cool grass, brushing her hair from her eyes.Her eyes follow me lazily, trying to find mine in the failing light. Too much?. I let my mind think slyly, but my face remains straight. I sit down slowly on my legs and watch her slowly close her eyes slowly, admiring her beauty, but keeping it from showing through my eyes or face. She moves her lips slowly, forming her words silently: 'My name boy...say it...' is what they read.

    "Lady Jessica Adrianna Valentine... my Dark Queen and mistress", My voice speaks automatically in the usual tone. She lets a dark smile form across her lips as she drifts into unconsciousness. I sit here obediently, like a dog waiting for his master to awake. A shutter ravages my soul, but my body is still. My mind drifts off into the beyond. What have I become. I let my mind wonder back to the day we met. The day my world was turned upside down. The day I was saved. I let my mind go numb as I drift off into my memories...