• -----Let me tell you one thing; turning 18 in my family is not a perk. Yesterday I spent the day with my family, eating cake, opening presents, all those picture perfect stupid birthday moments. Only today is my 18th birthday. See let me explain: at the Winters's (my) house hold the day you turn 18, it's "good bye little 'grown up'," and you pack your bags and leave.

    ----That was just about 7 hours ago; My mother and Father told me good bye and to get out, and trust me I did, I sped off, thrilled to have freedom, not a care in the world, and fearless!... Now that accursed word was pounding in my mind: 'Homeless'... Yup I was officially homeless. My parent's wouldn't take me back, and never will, I was on my own.

    ----Angerly I stopped my little black voltz wagon beetle on some random back dirt road and jumped out, "Damn it! This ******** sucks!" I screamed at the near by trees, as if they would listen, while I kicked at the dirt; slowly letting my fear and anger twords myself seep out.

    ---- After a minute or two of venting I walked back to my car teary eyed and hopped on to the rusted old hood, pulling my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around my legs, ' I should have planned! I should have figured out where I was going to live! Gah I'm so stupid!' I thought bitterly while staring down the road; not really seeing it though.

    ----"Smooth Michelle, real friggen smooth..." I muttered, jumping off the hood, putting my hands behind my head trying to think, and walked over to my door: sliding carefully into my car.
    "A new start, Ey?" I asked my dash board sarcastically, and reached over to the radio, playing my all time favorite song: Soar by the Annuals. Pushing down the gas peddle slowly, I drove off into the night; searching for a place to live, or at least sleep....