• One day there was this girl named alexas,alexas was layin in her bed one morning just thinking about about how much she missed her father,well a few minutes later her mom came to her room and told her to get up,alexas said "whats the point of gettin up if i dont have anything to get up for",alexas mom said "come on we have to go to the store",alexas got up and put on her skinney jeans and her shirt and fixed her hair,her mom came back up to her room and told her to "hurry up",alexas walked out of her room and walked down the hallway and roled her dark blue eyes,as she walked down the stairs she could hear laughter so she walked faster,when she got to the bottem of the stairs she saw some boy with her mom and they were laughin,alexas walk over to her mother and gave the boy a weird look,alexas mom said "alexas i know you dont remember him but hes your fren drake",alexas looked shocked and said "oh wow a nother fren thats gunna leave",drake looked at her and said "what do you mean",alexas walked away from them and went out side and sit on the ground,her fren drake came out there with her and asked "what where you tallin about'
    "well my other to fren betrayed me" said alexas
    "oh well i would never betrayed you" said drake while wrapin his arms around alexas
    "im goin to the store if you two want to stay here you can" said alexas mom
    "ok,were gunna stay here" said drake
    "are you sure you would never betrayed me?" said alexas
    "yes im sure" said drake while makein alexas look at him
    drake kissed alexas and told her he loved her while he wraped his arms around her,alexas look shocked,
    "are you ok alexas" asked drake
    "yea im fine" said alexas
    drake and alexas walkes back in the house and sit on the couch and watched some T.V.,drake has looked over at alexas and saw that she was asleep on him so he layed his head back and fell asleep,a few mins. later alexas mom walkes in the house and see drake and alexas asleep so she put a blanket over them and went to bed,the next morning alexas and drake woke up at the same time,
    "did you really kiss me or was that a dream" asked alexas
    "nope i really kissed you" said drake
    "wow your a good kisser" said alexas
    "oh well thanx" said drake while he french kissed her
    a few hours later they went to the park and walked around and talked
    drake and alexas stoped walkin and drake and alexas was hugin then he kissed her in front of her fren that betrayed her,they looked at like how is she goin out with him,drake puts alexas on his back and starts to walk away from them,
    "why did you do that in front of them?" asked alexas
    "so it could make you look like you didn't need them" said drake
    alexas frens that betrayed her ran up to alexas and said "were sorry can we be frens again?" alexas look at drake and grabed his hand and walked away without sayin anything to them
    "wow you really hate them dont you?" asked drake
    "yes very much" said alexas
    drake huged her and asked her if she wanted to go out with him and she said yes,drake picked her up and kissed her,alexas look at her frens that betrayed her and walked back over to them and said "NO we can not",then she walked back over to drake and they walked away while holdin hands........a few years pasted and it was time for prom
    "will you to prom with me" asked drake
    "why yes i would" said alexas
    it was time for prom and drake and alexas walked in the school and everyone looked at them drakes fren ran up to the and said "omg your here with alexas she a dork why didn't you bring a cheerleader"
    "uh first i love alexas and i hate cheerleaders" said drake
    drake and alexas started to dance,later on that night drake walked alexas home and told her he loved her and he always will...