• what should i believe?
    what should i think?
    what should i feel?
    what should i say?
    what should i do?
    i'm so confused ...
    what path should i choose?
    should i choose the dream or the reality?
    the hard or the easy?slow or fast?
    right or left? up or down?
    should i follow my heart or my mind?
    what would be the best option i have?
    i'm afraid to deside...
    sometimes i'm regreting for what i have done, my reactions in the past.
    maybe i should'nt have reacted like that...
    and then my mind returns to the present.
    did it ended now? was that all? was i wrong?
    while i'm watching the sky at the night, i wonder and think;
    who will really miss me ? who will remember me? ...