• It was my first day at day care.And as soon as my parents dropped me off and left i cried my eyes out in a corner.No adults were any help!And when i turned around i saw this girl and she said wanna play a game?I said uhh ok?!And i stood up and we played with this puzzle i think it was Cinderella.And she asked me my name i said Many (cuz i was two and didnt know how to say it very good). Then i said yours?Hers was Aryel.Me and her just kept asking questions about eachother and then it was time for art.And i drew a picture of me and Aryel holding hands and saying hi best friend smile Then my mom came to pick me up.But i didnt wanna go cause i made a new friend!In 5th grade she moved and i thought we would never see eachother agian sad Until one day i got a knock on my door and it was Aryel!!!I cried soo much cause i saw her i was soo happy biggrin Soo Now from this day on she is known as my best friend forever!I love you Aryel!You lift me up when im down,dry my tears when i have a frown,and make me laugh like your a clown!You always have my back though all my fears and i love you girly!