• Everybody thinks of Winter in a different way, of course. We all have our own brains to do so. Let's start by putting Winter into two extremely general categories. Life... and DEATH. I've noticed that a lot of people here on Gaia agree that Winter is another form of death. Let me get more explicit.
    Winter is the time of playing in the snow such as making snow angels and having snow ball fights, which sadly, I have yet to enjoy such things as I live in the south, and it rarely snows, almost never. Anyway, I think that from a child's point of view, Winter could probably be their favorite time of year, where Winter could even lead to a no school day.
    But there are always going to be other people that beg to differ. Winter can also be the complete opposite. Winter can be Death. If you look at it from Nature's point of view, you see Winter as Death. It's really simple. Just look at all the plants, no flowers, no leaves. Just drooping, probably dead. (I think I just made that a litte too blunt XD) But there are still two more ways to look at it that will make you look at Winter from four different angles, and understand what I mean.
    Though Winter is so desolate and nothing seems beautiful, not to mention the crippling cold, Winter can be quite beautiful, too. You might be wondering what I mean right now since I just said that Winter is basically dead. If you look at the beautiful snow flakes, it can really be very peaceful. At least that's my opinion. I mean when it snows a lot, it almost looks like your in heaven, because everything has a giant, white blanket of snow.
    Last but not least, is the opinion of Mother Nature herself. Or at least what I see if you look at the four seasons in general. Let's start with the first month's of the year. You are in the middle of Winter, and it seems like it'll never end, when the beauty of Spring comes. It's probably the most beautiful season out of the four. But the beauty and breeze isn't only reserved for one season. It's still really beautiful in the famous Summer. Summer is probably the most talked about season, when all children run lose, freed from class. Then comes Fall, which can be just as pretty as Spring in some places of the world, where the trees change to beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. It is the season that is the most important of them all. It prepares the cycle to start again.
    So I guess I got a little carried away there, so lets put it simply like this. Winter can sometimes get so boring, that when Spring comes, it''s a breath of fresh air. Then Summer comes, and spices things up, to then finish with Fall. All of these seasons have a purpose, but that's a different story. The current story is about Winter.
    To make the conclusion, Winter is preparation for Spring. Though you may think that Mother Nature is out of her mind, she has a purpose to balance out all the seasons. Wouldn't you miss the snowflakes, and the fun? You might not miss the "depression", but look at what it did for lots of writers out there, including me. It gives you so much inspiration, it's incredible how much poetry and different stories you can write with these three words "Winter Means Death."