• He's that boy.

    The one who has all those wonderful qualities you've always looked for. There's just something about him that none of the other boys ever had. Maybe it's the way he makes you laugh. Maybe it's the way he cares, the way he holds your heart in the palm of his hands without even knowing it, and lifts you out of all your bad moods.

    You know you love him. You've known it for a while now. Maybe you're not sure when it started, the line between friendship and love blurred. Maybe you loved him all along, and just didn't know it.

    You've known him for years, but you've never met face to face. You loved him before you saw the face behind the screen, or heard his voice. Sure, he was different, but that never bothered you. Maybe your parents will object. But all loves have hurdles to jump.

    You trust him, more than anyone else you've ever known. He knows everything, your name, your face, your worst mistakes and your best moments, and still accepts you for what you are.

    You know he's not perfect. He's only human, just like you. You know his flaws, his fears, and you still love him. You know his life isn't perfect.

    But you're there for him. Waiting to listen when he needs to talk, waiting to help when he needs a hand. And you hate how far apart you live. Sure, it's not an ocean, only a few states, but you've seen those nights when a safe haven with a friend would do so much good.

    You'd do anything for him, even making friends with his girlfriends, as you wondered if those girls knew how incredibly lucky they are. You've comforted him after those breakups, wishing you were there just to hug him.

    It took so much bravery to tell him those three little words. Because as much as you love him, you didn't want to lose the wonderful friendship you had. You haven't met him face to face, but he's the closest friend you've ever had. But you did tell him, and your heart broke a little when he said couldn't return your feelings. But you've still got the best friendship in your life.

    Maybe he isn't mister perfect. But it still feels like it, because even a year after that confession, you still love him. You don't look at other boys, convinced that none of them could ever measure up to him.

    Maybe you'll keep waiting for mister perfect. But if he's not mister perfect, he's damn appealing as mister almost perfect.