• He smiled and then walked to where he remembered the other girl had taken Kenji. He found some rooms and walked inside one and laid on the bed. He started to the of Archy, she was beautiful,smart, and very nice. He sighed and closed his eyes. He was just a tad bt tired, but he wasn't ready to sleep.look away from him. "Here..." Archy whispered while she held up her wrist. "I have my own secret too... I also do wonder that if you are a half vampire, why couldn't you realize before? You should have at least sensed that something was off about me when you first saw me. I'm...also a vampire..." Archy said with a straight face even though she felt like crying on the inside. "You need it, so take it...but try not to spill it on our clothes... My blood should be able to curb your cravings." Archy said to Rail. "Just promise me one thing...please don't tell anyone else that I'm a vampire. If you ever feel like drinking blood come find me..." Archy said as she rolled up her sleeve. After no on noticed he broke off from the group of guys he began to explore on his own.He thought something fishy was going on for one how can a cute girl just live here by herself.-A very cutie girl- he thought grinning as he walked down a hall.
    Linnea had walked up the stairs and into her room. Seeing as she wasn't hungry anymore, she started to go through her dresser. She always losted her drawing pad, but always found it in the end. But this time she couldn't.
    Where is that thing? She thought Linnea had check her whole room and couldn't find it.
    That had all my drawings in there! She thought. Seiliez sighed and turned around.Somehow he had gotten lost.-Damn it- He then continued to walk and he saw a table and on the table was a drawing pad. He reached and got it."Mustn't look" he sighed then laughed"No one is looking" He then opened the drawing pad expecting to see lame attempt of drawing but was surprised. She had pictures of scenery, her friend Jannet, and Her Sisters. The most important reason why she didn't want to lose it was because she had a picture of her parents in there before they abandon them.
    Now its gone. Linnea said. She turned to walk out of her room before she tripped over something and landed on the ground with a thud. He continued to look at the drawing amazed by how beautifully they were drawn.He then looked up when he heard a thud.He saw a girl on the ground.What every guy would have done would have been to rush to girls side.He just burst out laughing and ran to the girl still clutching the drawing pad."You alright?" he said with a grin
    Rail took a big gulp of air. "Yeah, I am", he said then taking another deep breathe, "I don't know why I didn't feel anything wrong. I guess its because you are my kin in a way so I felt safe.", he said as he looked at her wrists. He started to shake. "Are you sure I can", he said shyly. "Yeah. I guess." Linnea had said as she got up. She didn't know what she tripped off of and she didn't care. She had look up at Seiliez before she notice her drawing pad.
    "Hey, You found my drawing pad." She said, looking at him. "You know there is no choice..." Archy said to Rail. "I'm a vampire that can drink any blood, so I drink animals' blood. But you can't. You won't be able to suppress the urge for long. I don't mind. As long as you feed on my wrist then I can cover it up with my sleeve." Archy whispered. "I'll do anything to help you..." Archy mumbled. "Now drink up. Everyone has finished their dinner, except you." Archy said with a soft but somewhat sad smile. "Thanks so much. I owe you big time.", Rail said as he bit down on her wrist. He bit soft enough not to hurt to much, but enough to get some blood. He drank till he was at least half-full. He didn't want to drain her. He looked deep into her eyes. His bright red eyes lit up as the connected with hers. He helped her up and grinned."I did?" He then look down at her - Hey shes pretty cutie-. he then got this huge smile on his face"So do I get a reward for this amazing find? "You're welcome." Archy whispered. Archy gazed into Rail's eyes as he gazed into hers. Archy's eyes shined bright baby blue as Rail looked at her. "After meals, just find me. Then you can eat." Archy said softly to Rail as she pulled down her sleeve to cover up her wrist. "Have a good night's rest." Archy whispered to Rail as she walked out the front door. Archy walked into the woods and thought "I really do like him...I'll do anything to help him...But now, I need to practice my skills." Archy came to a clearing and pulled out her hidden whip and began practicing her aim on the trees. Soon she finished and began to practice her sonic blast. Depends on what you mean by reward." Linnea said, looking at him. Rail wiped his lips. He smiled and then walked to where he remembered the other girl had taken Kenji. He found some rooms and walked inside one and laid on the bed. He started to the of Archy, she was beautiful,smart, and very nice. He sighed and closed his eyes. He was just a tad bt tired, but he wasn't ready to sleep"Hmm.." hHe began to walk back and forth as if pondering.He then stopped"Would a small kiss on the cheek be to much to ask?" he said grinning.As he held the drawing pad in his hand . Archy finished her practicing her skills a bit early tonight. So now she walks around the woods for a bit. As she looks at the moon, she thinks of Rail. "He is handsome, smart and polite. I really like him...but does he have the same feelings towards me?" Archy pondered as she walked under the moon lite sky. She soon wondered back to the house and headed upstairs. She entered her room and changed into her night gown. She laid down on the bed and under the covers. Then as she drifts between reality and dream land, she thinks again of Rail's beautiful eyes... Well it's just a small kiss on the cheek. I guess it wouldn't hurt anyone. Linnea thought. She then nodded her and walked up to him. She then gave him a kiss on the cheek.
    "Ok, you got your reward. Now I get to have my drawing pad." She said, holding her hand outHe stood there with a solemn face.Then he slowly grinned.-Most girls would have slapped him at such a request- he then looked at her and handed her drawing pad.He then looked at her ,"And may I ask what is the name of the cupid who has stolen my heart with only the touch of her lips? Rail rolled on his side and tried to fall asleep, but he couldn't seem to. He kept thinking of Archy. He finally sat up. He hanged his head over the bed and ran his hands through his hair. He stood up and paced around his room. Linnea had started to blush a light pink color and said.
    "It's Linnea. But you can call me Nea." She then looked at him.
    "And what's yours?" Archy's mind was filled with Rail. Nothing else seemed to matter. "I can't believe that I miss you already, Rail..." Archy thought. Archy turned back and forth on her bed, trying to sleep. Finally, she got up and sat down on her window seat. She pulled out her secret sketchbook that she kept hidden under the seat. She found a pencil and began to draw Rail. "I wonder if I will ever get to sleep tonight..." Archy thought. Soon she finished her sketch and by then her mind and heart was content. She crawled back into bed and placed her sketch under her pillow. With that done, she soon fell asleep. "Seiliez at your service."He said bowing then a great rumble came from him.He then straighten up"Um..you wouldn't have a stray chip or apple around would ya?"he looked down embarrassed. Rail jumped on backwards, landing on the bed. His mind was jumbled with thoughts. He soon started to nod off into a wonderful dream. She laughed a bit before saying.
    "Acutally some people just got finished eating. So they should have some left overs if you want that." She said. "Yes I would anything that will fill me up is okay with me."He ran his hand back through his blond hair."Lead the way!"He said flashing a smileLinnea smiled back and nodded her head. She then started walking to the KitchenLeilani wakes up early in the morning. She sighs and thinks "Dinner was such a waste last night...And me and Kenji didn't even get a chance to go out. Let's hope today will be a better day." Leilani climbs out of bed and gets dressed. Leilani feels a bit dizzy and sits down with her head in her lap. "Ugh..." Leilani mumbled as she raised her head and looked at her calender. "So far...I went for a week and a half without drinking blood...Now the effects are showing... But it's already through half a week, I can finish it without drinking blood. I know I can." Leilani thought to herself. Leilani stands up and heads downstairs to prepare breakfasRail rolls around on his bed. He lets out a loud yawn. He rolls onto his stomach and pushes his arms to get up. He got up and walked over to the door. I wonder if any of the girls are up yet, especially Archy. He walked down the stairs and headed toward the kitchen, cause it was breakfast time and if any of the girls were up, that they might be making breakfast. He turned into the Kitchen and saw Leilani. "Good morning. Thank you for letting us stay here.", he said gratefullyLeilani turns around and sees Rail standing in the kitchen. "Oh, good morning. You're welcome. We are all glad to have you here. " Leilani said with a smile. Leilani turns back around to start getting the food on the table. Leilani glances back and says "You better pick a good seat. My sisters attack breakfast like crazy. Today for breakfast we are having omelets with some toast. How do you like your omelet to be? Well cooked, slightly raw or just plain, old scrambled? Human food uhhh. "Well cooked,please", he said as he took a seat. He looked around at the magnificent kitchen. "About what time does Archy get up?", he asked politely. "Oky doky. " Leilani said to Rail with a smile. Leilani turns back tot he stove and began frying up a well cooked omelet for Rail. "Hm...I'm not really sure what time she gets up. She just wakes up out of no where. Sometimes early, sometimes late." Leilani replied to Rail's question. Leilani hands Rail a well cooked omelet and a slice of toast on a plate. "Here you go. If you need more toast or anything just tell me." Leilani told Rail as she began making her breakfast. oh ok", he said then it was followed by a small sigh. He grabbed the piece of toast and nibbled on it for a while. After finishing the toast, he picked up a fork and ate the omelet reluctantly. After finishing both he walked up to Leilani and then walked up to the sink and started to wash his plate. Leilani sees Rail starting to wash his plate. "Oh, you don't have to. I can do that. You should go explore the house a bit. Since you are going to be staying for a while, you should get to know our house. We wouldn't want you to get lost." Leilani said to Rail. She began eating her omelet but soon finished and placed her plate into the sink. She turned on the water and began washing her plate and Rail's. "Well there is only a few places that I need to know. Lets see: the kitchen, the bathrooms, the front entrance, and my room.", he said with a smile. He then looked at her, his eyes flickered. He was starting to get hungry. His heart pounded. He couldn't do that. "On second thought I think I am going to go back to bed or something else.", he said making an excuse to get away. He ran out of the kitchen and up to his room. He slammed the door shut and locked it. He jumped onto his bed and hid under the blankets. "Ok." Leilani replied with a slightly worried face. "He must be starving for blood right now..." Leilani thought as she cleaned up the kitchen, leaving the food on the table for the others. "Well, I think I'll go for a walk..." Leilani thought as she exited the kitchen and out the front door. Kenji sat on his bed, dressed in the same clothes he had on the night before. It looked as if he hadn't gone to sleep. all around his bed was crumbled up pieces of paper. He ha a sheet of paper with his plan written down on it. "OK. First i have to get her alone." He said in a tired voice. He stood up and looked out the window. "Its morning already?" He said surprised. He then headed down to the kitchen. Alessa was running around in the forest in her wolf form just enjoying the day. She was so thirsty though.....She transformed back into her normal form and sat down on a fallen log. I wonder if animals could help with the thirst....she got up and found a small bird, quickly drinking it's blood as an experiment. It worked somewhat...I wonder if my sisters know....... She wiped her mouth and started running back to the mansion and entering from the kitchen door. Kenji entered the kitchen as Alessa did. He walked in. His hair was a mess, he had bags under his eyes, and then let out a sigh. He sat down still tired and his eyes where half closed. "You okay?" She asked as she poured herself a glass of orange juice. She sat down at the table. She watched the attractive boy for awhile while she waited for his response. "I'm fine." Kenji said leaning down so his was the only thing on the table. His eyes slowly closed. Tired. was the only thing going through his mind. his arms hung down towards the ground. Leilani walked through the woods, thinking " I wonder if Kenji is up yet." Leilani turned back and started heading towards the house. Halfway home, she began feeling dizzy again. She leans on a tree, thinking "I can make it through this week without blood...I can make it..." She started walking home again when the dizzy feeling faded away. She entered the house and headed to the kitchen. Leilani walks into the kitchen to find Kenji and Alessa was already awake. "Good morning. Have some breakfast. I already ate so don't worry about me." Leilani replied with a smile. Leilani went over to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle. She sat down, sitting across from Kenji, thinking " Wow...Kenji looks like he had a hard time sleeping last night..." This is the first time I've ever woke up late. She thought. She had brushed her hair and gotten dress. She had looked down at her drawing pad, and remembered Seiliez.
    I wonder if he's up. She thought to herself. Alessa could smell the hunger on her sister. She cleared her throat. "Leilani will you come with me outside please?" She asked as she sat up and walked out the back door. Alessa caught a small bird and waited for her sisterKenji opened his eyes a little and saw Leilani. "Wait." He said as he tried to reach into his pocket, stand up and push his chair away from him. But he failed got his feet stuck in the chair and fell to the floor, hitting his chin off the floor"Umm...Ok." Leilani replied. Leilani began following her sister when Kenji say wait. Leilani stopped and turn around to face him. She sees him fall down and rush over to help him get up. "Kenji, are you ok?" Leilani asked with a worried face. "I'll be right back. Alessa wants to talk to me about something." Leilani said as she softly pulled away and went outsideAlessa motioned for her sister to follow her farther into the woods where she was sure that no one would over hear. "Here." Alessa said as she handed over the bird. "Drink it's blood. Your thirsty and this will help. Trust me." She saidKenji just layed there. I don't want to get up. Kenji thought to himself. He decided to lay there. His eyes closed and his body relaxedLeilani looked away and said "No...It's ok. You know I don't want to drink other's blood...I'm thirsty, but I don't mind." Leilani walks back indoors and see that Kenji was starting to fall asleep on the floor. Leilani sighs but smiles at the same time. "Kenji, so you don't like to sleep on a bed but rather the floor?" Leilani thoughtKenji was breathing slowly. He was dreaming he was sitting under a tree on a blanket and a picnic basket. There was nothing but flat land for miles. He let out a sigh and looked into the skyAlessa let the bird go. I tried. The thirst is going to kill her sooner or later...Alessa sighed and walked back inside the mansion and to the libraryRyuk woke up and looked around the room. He had just wandered around the house looking for the kitchen and eventually stumbled into this room sat down in a chair and fell asleep. Ryuk walked out of the room. Where is everyone? Ryuk walked down the hall and turned the corner to start walking down the stairs and stopped noticing Kenji and Leilani. "Good morning." He yawned still a little tired. Ryuk looked over at Kenji. "I know this might be a dumb question but why is Kenji laying on the floor? Good morning, Ruk." Leilani said. Leilani giggled a bit at Ryuk's question. "He fell down and then didn't want to get up. After that he just drifted to sleep but I didn't want to wake him up. He didn't get much sleep last night. So how is your ankle doing?" Leilani asked. Ryuk smiled. "My ankle is feeling much better thank you." Ryuk looked back over at Kenji. Must of been really tired to just fall asleep on the floor. In Kenji's dream he reached into his pocket. "Hey where is my plan? It was in my pocket?" Kenji said to himself. He started to look around for it. in the real world kenji started to mumble. "Hey...plan...pocket..." He said sleepily. "That's good." Leilani replied to Ryuk. Leilani hears Kenji mumbling. "Hm...What can he be mumbling? What do you think, Ryuk?" Leilani asked. Ryuk shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me." He looked back over at Kenji. I still can't believe he fell asleep on the floor." "Hm..." Leilani mumbled. "Well, we'll just leave him be for now. He needs his sleep. You should explore around the house a bit. That way you would know your way around the house. Then you won't get lot." Leilani said to Ryuk. "Yeah I probably should." Ryuk remembered how lost he had gotten last night. Don't want that to happen again. He thought to himself. "Well I'm going to look around a bit." Alessa picked up Macbeth from the shelf ans settled on the love seat. She began reading and ignoring everyone else that wasn't in there...of course she was the only one in the library but that didn't shut out the voices. She kept reading and wondering what everyone else was doing "Ok, Ryuk. Be careful. We wouldn't want you to get lost, again." Leilani replied. When Leilani saw that Ryuk was walking away, she went upstairs, to her room. She pulled out her sketch book and headed for the roof. She sat down on the room and began to sketch the scenery around her Seiliez awoke and stretched out.Apparently he had fallen asleep after eating in the chair."Jesus..not good."he yawned.He could just imagine it..He probably had an imprint of the fork on his face The book tipped over as Alessa fell asleep. She hadn't gotten that much sleep either for a few days Linnea walked downstairs and started to head outside. Until she seen Seiliez stretching. It looked like he had fallen asleep. She had her drawing pad in her hand, she was in the mood to draw.
    "Did you have a good sleep?" She asked him, a smile on her face. "Well besides this mash potatoes on my face and the imprint of the fork on my jaw ..yea it was pretty good."He said laughing."So would you know where the bathroom is at and...where the hell my bag is at?"he then sighed"I think I left it at the hall.". Linnea pointed down a hallway and said.
    "The bathroom is down this hallway. First door to your right." She then looked at him and added.
    "Do you want me to go find your bag?" " If you could Thank you."He smiled and got out of the chair and walked to the bathroom.He knocked"Anyone in there?"He then opened it and turned on the lights and looked at himself.His blond hair was in total mess there was peas stuck to his face and his breath smelled bad. "Wow can I be at a mess?" he muttered and switched reached down and turned on the faucet and splashed some water on his face. Linnea nodded her head and placed her Drawing pad on the end table. She headed up the stairs.
    Hmm. Now where can it be. She thought to herself. She closed her eyes for a bit. Seeing the hallways in her head, she soon spotted a bag.
    There you are. She thought. She ran down the hallway and corner. Seeing the bag like she did in her head. She stuck her hand out and the bag started to float. The strap landed in her hand slowly. And she then started to head back. Kenji woke up laying on the floor. No one woke me up? He thought to himself annoyed. I had a great plan. He stood up and pulled out the piece of paper in his pocket. He then let out a sigh as he started to walk around the house.
    Then all of the sudden a ring tone filled the bathroom.He reached for a nearbye towel and dried his face and reached into his pocket and took out his black phone and looked at the screen in the front."Mom.." he sighed he told her he was going to be out.He opened his phone.
    "Talk to me." he sighed
    "Don't take that tone with me ..it's your mother."
    "Hi mom..whats up?" He said keeping and even voice
    "Guess what Seiliez?"she said eagerly"Shella is having a baby!"
    -Oh great...the perfect boy is about to have the perfect family-
    "Great mom."he then heard foot steps"Hey gotta go mom."
    "Don't you have time to talk with your own mother?"She then sounded annoyed,"Dani always saved some time to talk with the family."
    "If you haven't noticed..Im not him bye!"he hissed and clicked.
    He put his hands to his head and ran his finger to his hair.He's gonna hear from her later but he really didn't care.
    .:Everyone is in the mansion:.

    Linnea jump from the last step and landed on the ground. She had heard something ringing and looked down the the hallway Seiliez was in. She then just waited near the door. Noticing, she would usually see her sister. But she hasn't seen none today. Axel sighed as he walked down the emptied hallway, taking in the slightly victorian styled room. "Hah, I've never had any good sense of direction..." he said to himself, remembering how everytime he had a go-see he was around fifteen to twenty minutes late due to traffic and his lack of sense of direction. "Hello?" -o -o -o -o

    "... echo" -o -o -o -o -o

    Suddenly Axel started laughing like a maniac, hearing his voice travel around the mansion. "Am I really alone in here?" he joked. Last he remembered was that him and his friends were staying a night here or two. He took a small nap on a couch and they were all gone. God why does she always has to do that?"he muttered angrily.He then looked up at the mirror.his skin no longer had any food on it but his blue eyes showed anger and his hair was alright."All I need is my toothbrush..."he thought which was in his bag.He wondered how long he was going to be in this mansion.He only brought about a few weeks of change of clothes.Then he heard a voice,"Jesus it's Axel."He laughed open the door and yelled out,"Hey Axel!" Linnea had swung the bag in her hand as she waited for Seiliez. She hoped that everything was Ok. She sat on the stairs as she stared at the ground. Thinking of something. Kenji decided to go for a walk in the forest. He still felt tired. Why did I have to stay up all night? he thought to himself. He leaned up to a tree and looked into the sky. He then let out a sigh and sat down. Seilez heard no answer."The guys probably lost."he laughed and walked out and made his way to the stair case and there he saw her sitting there.He then smiled and made his way up the stairs."Well hello beautiful."he whispered as he sat down next to her. Axel stoped his maniacal laughter and opened his eyes to two diffrent things than what was in the room only a couple of minutes ago. Now there was a girl in the foyar and now Seilez was yelling up to him. "Yoh, Sei. You musta had to take a large dump cuz' I'm pretty sure you were in there for a long while... yellin' at the last part." He laughed at the guy and then looked at the girl on the stairs. "Hey, who's that chick?" he asked pointing towards Linnea, being arogant as ever. Linnea had smiled and looked at Seiliez. Before she could say anything. She heard another guy and turn around her head a bit to see Axel. She laugh a bit at what he had said. Seiliez grinned up at him and stood up "My brother from another mother."he looked down at her and winked"Be right back."He went to him laughed,"No big dump just talking with the mom."He then whispered to him pointing to Linnea"That babe is Linnea."He said adding a grin. Kenji still sat under the same tree looking over his plan. "This won't work." He said crumpling it up. he then dropped it on the ground under him. He then let out a sigh. "All my plans wouldn't work." Axel grinned upon hearing this. "Your mom could never leave you alone could she? I recomend turning off your cell. By the way, is your ex still stalking you?" he joked slapping his friend's shoulder and trying to clue Linnea of his current single status trying to send a mental message saying: Hey why duncha make his tragedy into a romance?
    Seiliez eyebrow rose and he knew what he was trying to do."Nah..she gave up ..you know the ladies could never keep there hands of me."He then grinned,"How bout you is your ex-boyfriend still begging you to come back to him?" Linnea had heard what Axel said and pretend as if she wasn't listening. She played with her fingers as she listen. Alessa woke up and her head screamed with a headache as the thoughts of everyone rushed up to her. She grimaced and walked out into the foyer and saw Linnea and Seilize and someone she hadn't met yet. Kenji walked back into the mansion and walked up to the library. He opened the door and looked inside. "Hello?" Kenji called out. "Anyone here?" "I'm here." Alessa said as she walked back inside from the other door. Her head still screamed as she got dizzy and grabbed the recliner for balance. She sat down and looked around after a few seconds to see who was calling. Kenji walked towards who called back. "Hey." He said smiling to her. "Are you feeling ok?" He asked looking concerned. Alessa rubbed her temples. "Yeah I'm fine.. I just have one of my usual headaches....or migranes...." She said smiling up at him and ignoring the panging in her head. As quickly as they came, the thoughts left. Must have stopped thinking so loud... She thought quietly so none of her sisters would hear. Only she had mastered that so far out of her sisters. Kenji looked down at her still worried. He then slowly leaned down so his there faces started to get closer. He just kept looking at her. I hope she dosn't have a flu or something like that. He thought to himself. Alessa noticed him coming closer and listened to his thoughts.Why is he coming closer?.....and of course I don't have the flu....She held in a laugh and waited to see what he was going to do. Kenji had his hands in his pockets. When there faces got close He put his forehead onto her forehead to feel if it was hot. He closed his eyes. doesn't feel like it. He thought. He didn't move as he let out a sigh. Alessa let out a gasp of relief that Kenji didn't notice how cold her body was. Her body was always cold and it was impossible for vampires to get sick. A vampire's blood is frozen and dies, but to survive the vampire needs blood to take the place of the dead cells. This is why they had to drink blood all the time and why their bodies were always cold. Kenji stood back up. Maybe the fore head way doesn't work. He thought Only one other option. He raised the back of his hand toward her forehead and cheeks. This one should work better. Alessa jumped back from his hand. "I'm okay. I......I don't get sick......" She said getting out of the chair. Kenji looked down at her. "There has to be a reason why you have a headache or migraine." Kenji said with a little worry in his voice. Kenji then crossed his arms. Leilani finishes sketching the scenery and sighs. "I better head back downstairs and start dinner. I wonder what I should cook tonight?" Leilani mumbled as she walked down the stairs and another flight of stairs to get to the kitchen. Leilani enters the kitchen and begins looking through the pantry and the fridge trying to see what she can make with what they have. "I will have to go to the super market tomorrow. We need to restock everything." Leilani thought as she looked in the freezer. She looks around and finally settled with making turkey, coleslaw, mac & cheese & mash potatoes with gravy. "Well, that will have to do for tonight." Leilani thought. Leilani began putting the things on the stove. As she started taking the plates down, she began to feel dizzy. "Ugh..." Leilani mumbled. She gets even dizzier and drops the plates on the floor as she grabs the table for balance. "Dang it, now the plates are all broken..." Leilani thought as she fell to the floor, unconscious. to the floor, unconscious. "I just get them sometimes...." She said as she heard the plates smash against the floor. "I got to go...." She ran to the kitchen where she saw Leilani lying unconcious on the floor from lack of blood. Alessa gingerly picked her up and carried her far into the woods. When Alessa was far enough away she caught a mouse and killed it, tickling it's blood down Leilani's throat. "I know your gonna be pissed at me but would you rather die?" She murmered as she waited for her sister to come to. Kenji fallowed Alessa. When Kenji saw Leilani unconcious he got worried and continued to fallow the, but when the got out into the forest Kenji lost them. "Where are they going?" Kenji said aloud to himself. Leilani began to regain consciousness but fading in and out. "Ugh, Alessa..." Leilani said as she saw her sister's face. Leilani tastes the blood in her mouth. "Ugh...I hate the taste of blood... I also smell like it too..." Leilani said quietly. Leilani looks at her sister and says " Thank for getting me out of there before anyone else saw me on the floor...It would have been troublesome if the guys knew. I know that you think I will be mad at you, I kind of am but it's ok. I know you did it for my sake. " Leilani gets up but feels a bit unsteady but says nothing about it. "Come on, we better head back. I have to clean up those dishes and get dinner off the stove. " Leilani said to her sister. Alessa nodded her head and stood up. "One thing. I know you hate the taste of blood but you need to drink atleast once a week. For your sake. I don't want to have to do this again." She said as she listened into Kenji's thoughts. "Go back to the house while I go find Kenji." Alessa said as she morphed into an owl and flew off. Kenji continued searching for the girls. He was running as he looked around trees. He soon stopped and thought he heared an owls hooting. He looked around breathing deeply. First he turned to his left then he looked behind him. "Crud." was all he said as the wind started to blow. Leilani sighed as Alessa told her to drink blood at least once a week. Leilani looked at Alessa until she flew out of sight. "I better head back now..." Leilani told herself. Leilani goes back inside the house and begins to clean up the broken plates. Alessa saw Kenji as she morphed back into her human form in the shadows. She tn proceeded to walk to him. She came up to him so he could see her and not get frightened. "Come on. Let's get back to the house. It's a long walk when your lost." She said motioning for him to follow. "OK." Kenji said with a sigh. He then fallowed her. He was shivering as he walked. I wonder where Leilani. Kenji thought. Why do you follow my sister so much?" Alessa asked as she came to a standstill and turned around to face him. All of his thoughts were about Leilani and she wanted to know why Leilani finishes sweeping up the broken glass plates. She begins setting the food onto the table. Soon she was done but no one was in the dining room yet. She head into the bathroom and washed her hands. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw that she looked really pale. Leilani sighs and then remembers the taste of the blood. "Ugh...I hate it." Leilani said as she got her toothbrush and began brushing away the horrid taste. Kenji stopped and went red in the face. "I-I don't fallow her around." Kenji said looking away from her. "I just happen to meet up with her. And i only fallowed you two before because i was worried something bad happened." He tried not to look at her. Alessa murmered an 'Mhm' before briskly walking back to the mansion but making sure that he was keeping up. She walked inside the kitchen and washed her hands at the sink as she smelled mac&cheese. She didn't really care for human food but she loved mac&cheese. Kenji entered the mansion still shivering. He then headed out of the kitchen. He let out a sigh when the door closed and went to the closest seat and sat down. Leilani, finally satisfied that the taste of blood no longer lingers in her mouth, goes out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Seeing that Alessa and Kenji was already back. "Hi. Pick a seat." Leilani said. Leilani looking around the room, said " We probably shouldn't wait this time. We'll just save a part of the food for the others when they want to eat." Kenji sat down at the table "OK." Kenji said smiling. He had his eyes closed. His mind wondered to his plan. OK, first i have to get her alone. Then check if any of her sisters are coming and finally do what i need to. Kenji thought a little worried.
    Alessa nodded as she sat down in her usual seat and helped herself to some of everything. Even though it was human food it tasted really good. She smiled at her sister when she was done. "I need to go catch up on a nap. I'm afraid my headache is returning." She excused herself and walked to the library where she layed down on the couch and dozed off Leilani sits down and begins getting her portion of the food. She looks around and notices that only her and Kenji were in the room. She looks across the table and sees him. "Hm...He seems to be thinking about something?" Leilani thought as she realized that she was beginning to stare. Kenji just smiled at her, his eyes closed. He rested his head on his hands which held his head up. OK calm down. He thought. This is the best plan i could think of. Leilani sees Kenji smiling at her and blushes a little. She then smiles at him too before looking down at her plate. She smells a bit of smoke coming from the kitchen. "Oh no!" Leilani exclaimed. Leilani stands up and rushes to the kitchen. She sees that the stove was left on and that the food was beginning to burn. In a panic state she runs towards it and lifts the pot of the stove. In the process of doing so, she accidentally burns her hand and drops the pot. The sparks fly everywhere and the curtains caught on fire. Leilani screams "AHH! Kenji ran over to her.