• It was raining but all I could see is never ending darkness. My Dress was soaked and I couldn't stop myself from crying. What happened that night... it had to always remain a secret. What was I going to do? When could I rest? Would I die? In my hand I held a full sized violin given from my sister. The case was black with swirling patterns running down it. I stared out into the nothingness and gasped with surprise. An old Mansion stood on the hill just ahead. I gathered up my dress and limped to the gate. It loomed, huge and eerie, over my head. I stood there trembling, cold and wounded. The blood stains covering my clothes and my body scarred so badly I looked like a ripped up doll. I look around for a way in but there is none. I sigh and give up. I collapsed into a heap, still clutching my Violin. I felt a presence but I was too weak to look. A hand touched my cheek. It felt warm and comforting. And that's all I remembered that night... I awoke feeling warm and very comfy. The area around my wounds felt tight and warmer than most of my body. Huh? I sat up and opened my eyes. Oh! I was in a Massive room. The walls were lined with floral wallpaper and the floorboards beneath were a dark cherry color. I was lying in a bed, a canopy draping around the sides. The sheets were clean although from my state from the previous night they were supposed to be red and blood drenched. What had happened? All i could remember was a warm fuzzy and very comfortable feeling on my face. Then i passed out. Eve floated into the room, holding a tray of food ad a glass of wine and set them on the table. He looked like a 10 year old to everybody a really pale floating ten year old anyway. He smiled at the young girl and floated out of the room again. Celliane gasped. She rubbed her eyes. Did she just see what she thought she saw? Did a ghost walk through the door? She threw back the covers and stared at the food, mouth watering. I ran a hand through my hair - or rather, my puppet's hair - and sighed. I closed my eyes - which was pretty weird, considering this body was pretty much made of wood - and sighed again, trying not to wonder how the heck I could do that, since I lacked lungs. Then again, it was pretty weird being a ghost. Yay.

    Opening my eyes again, I noticed a mansion up ahead. How...peculiar, I thought. Maybe I should go there? Perhaps my brother is there...but what if he doesn't recognize me?

    I mentally slapped myself. I need to stop being such a pessimist. I'm gonna go inside, find him, b***h at him, hug him, and leave. Right? ...Right! Good plan! Satisfied with my resolve, I started towards this strange place. I sat and ate the food savoring every taste. The window at the far end of the room was closed, so after I had finished my breakfast I went over to open it, I needed some fresh air. Outside of the window I could see far beyond the hill. A forest surrounded the Mansion with no path leading to or from. A figure was coming up from the forests. She looked just like a Doll. So perfect and beautiful. As I stood on the porch of the mansion, I was torn between two choices. I could knock on the door, and alert any, possibly hostlie, inhabitants, or I could waltz right in like I owned the place.

    ...Yeah, I like the latter option better. My puppet's hand lifted in an eerie manner - hey, I'm a ghost. What did you expect? - and closed around the handle. Without further ado, I shoved the door open.

    I suddenly heard a Thumping noises and a few footsteps. Was this the person who rescued me? I must go and see! I opened my door and walked cautiously out into the corridor as if the floor beneath me was going to disappear. I was utterly and completely lost in less than 5 minutes. The first thing I noticed when I entered was that it was cold. Not that I could physically feel it, but there were some tell-tale signs. This struck me as odd, because sunlight normally would have warmed it up...maybe it was warmer in other rooms. After all, who would bother warming up the entrance hall! I spotted a grand staircase. Deciding to explore a bit, I started towards it.

    A mirror caught my attention on my way to the large staircase. The mirror was dirty and dusty, but that was nothing my puppet's gloved hand couldn't fix. It was the first time I had seen my puppet-body since I had started posessing it five or six years ago. I remember how young I had been at the time. And like all young girls I had a fondness for pretty dolls. This doll was no exeption; blonde hair and a pretty gown. Now I found it a tad bit too...perfect and artificial, but, no sweat, I still liked it.

    Turning my body's gaze away from the mirror, I resumed my walk towards the stairs. Glad you liked it. Eve grinned peeking into the room through a wall before walking through the door and collecting the tray. He looked at her. "Are you getting some air or do you just like the windows open?" he asked the girl, following her into the hall. huh? I turned around and found the boy that had delivered the food from earlier. "um.. Ah, yeah I needed the air. Oh and thank you for the Breakfast it was delicious!" "Tell me, are you the keeper of this place? I mean like, do you live here?" Herthas smiled pleasantly as he heard a door open nearby, a black blindfold over his eyes. Not that it made any difference to him - he was blind afterall. He took a step back, then a few more steps forwards before turning the corner. He stopped there, waiting to hear something. A set of footsteps was rather uncommon to be usual in the house, so he assumed it to be the girl. This was originally my house actually. Me and my family. I died here and didnt want to leave so here I stay." Eve said with a grin. "But I haven't been the keeper since he moved in." he said and floated beside her. Suddenly a young man with golden hair walks in the room."If this is your place might I ask if you have ice cream here.?"He said as he looks at the boyand girl talking. To ghost- "oh i see..." I walked around wondering how to find the stairs. Who was he?
    Success! i had found the stairs... A young man was standing in front of me a blindfold over his eyes.
    I gasped , and fell back. My wounds hurt and a bandage was loose. I'm pretty sure we've met a few times before actually.. But whatever floats your boat." Herthas said, not really moving at all from his spot at the end of the corridor. Obviously the speaker hadn't noticed him yet, and he was pleased to be able to say a chilling speech. Then, another voice from further down the corridor. "..No ice-cream here, no.. And how did you get in here?" He said, then sighed. "If you went through that window I left open..". "Actually, it's in the kitchen." He told the new boy and sighed. "By the way, how do you people keep barging in here? this is private property." He told the blonde boy. Another boy was near the front door apparently inquiring about ice-cream... I stared at all the people and my mind went blank. Pain shot through my body and I fainted. What's going on here?! The young boy was all nervous and said"Oh ummm... i realy cant remember how i got here.Ummmm pls forgive me!"The young man bows and asks for forgiveness because of his childish acts. Eve sighed and picked up the girl. "I'll take care of her, Herthas-sama." He grinned to Herthas. He owed Herthas for not exorcising him a long time ago and he seemed to enjoy playing butler with Herthas's and his guests. "I'll tell you when she is awake." He winked and took her back to the bedroom. I continued looking around the enterance hall, the stairs all but forgotten. I felt sorta bad to be snooping around someone's house, but I quickly pushed that though far back into my mind. I was in a place of darkness. All that i could see was black, black and more black on black. Suddenly a scene erupted up onto the darkness. My whole life played back. I saw my sister clinging to my dress, my Mother and Father smiling at me but then all of it burned away and all that was left was an image of My family's graves and My sister's violin surrounded by flames. She had told me to have it if anything happened to her. And then the same feeling from then came back. The same overwhelming sadness and loneliness that felt like it would never go away. I cowered in the darkness and felt my own mental self being torn apart. I cried and everywhere hurt. It was the pain i had to endure everyday. The burden of being possessed by a spirit. "Alright, alright." Herthas said, sighing and nodding "Though it's still rather strange that you can manage to hold things anyway - a little bit of a poltergeist?". He continued walking, until he was a few feet away from what he assumed to be a boy, of an unknown age and height.
    "The kitchen is down this corridor, then to the left before heading right and left again. Now go and get your icecream." he said, shooing him off with a polite wave of his fingers. The blonde man was out of sight and was now walking around the halls hoping to find something interesting."This sure is an odd house.I wonder what kind of things are in here?" "Actually two thirds poultergeist on my mother's side." He giggled at his joke after setting the young mistress down and returning to Herthas. Floating about a foot off the ground. Even then herthas was way taller than him. "You do remember my name right, young master?" He grinned up at Herthas. I continued on my self appointed quest, ignoring that little nagging voice that claimed that this was rude of me. Bleh, like I care. I rounded some corners, and opened a door, before finding myself in what was appearently the kitchen. Two things in response to your question.." Herthas said, turning his head so that he could face the first. "One, I seem to have forgotten your name, and I apologise for that, and two - I'm around three hundred years old." He continued, smiling slightly as usual "But I appreciate the comment of me looking 'young for my age'.". I awoke and found myself in the same bed. I felt weak and very tired. How does this keep happening? i thought to myself. I remembered my vivid dream. I felt scared and vulnerable. What was I going to do? I needed to cry. And what's more I never had a shoulder to cry on. Or even a bed so nice. I rolled over and i let the tear come out soaking my pillow wet. I cried for a long time and I went over each reason why. After arriving at the kitchen the blonde man saw a cute little girl there."Hello there.What is a cute little girl like you doing here?"He wiped out his goofy face and had a serious,good looking and kind face.He smiled to the girl with absolute kindness and hoping to hear from her.But this is against the teachings of the church but he doesnt care at all. I got up feeling Ravenous. I was hungry. BOY was I hungry! Crying had worn me out. I ran out into the corridor and found my way down the stairs and looked for a the kitchen. I went in , completely ignore the stranger and raided the refrigerator, apparently stocked up with all sorts of food. "Cutie...little...girl..." I seethed. While I understand that this...doll-body of mine does look quite young, maybe like a ten year old or so, I find it aggravating to say the least, when someone refers to me as a child. I spun around to face him. "I'll have you know," I said, "that while my body is childish, I am not." I glared in response to his smile. He chuckled at her and said"Oh i am sorry to have offended you.I did not reffer to your body as childish or anything.I just though you had such a cute face."He holds her hands and bows to her as though some kind of gentleman or player. Having calmed down a bit - keyword, bit, - I gave a weak half-smile in return for his chuckle.

    But I still don't think my face is cute.

    ...Yeah, I'm lying I love this body, artifical and cutesy as it may be. "So, anyway," I say trying to strike up a conversation, "what are you doing here? In the house, I mean." The man was shocked for the reason that he came here was because he was running away from a spider.But he really didnt know HOW he got here."Ummmmm well......May i please know your beautiful name?"He had a nervous smile for a he had avoided the subject and not tell her his reason. "My name is Eve and you're welcome, young master." He grinned. The sound of a crash downstairs made him sigh. "Master, it appears that I need to go shopping. Again." he sighed and crossed his arms. floating down through the floorboards and appeared upside down in the kitchen ceiling. "You guys are pretty noisy ain'tcha?" He giggled at them. I'm Naoko," I say to the blond I've been talking to lately. Looking up, I notice someone else here. "If you refering to the yelling, yes," I tell him curtly. "Hello to both of you.I am Reed Glory.Nice to meet all of you."Looks at the ghost and tries poking him. "Make sure that they don't go too too far into the fridge, otherwise they might start screaming and running around!" Herthas called after Eve, sighing and walking towards the stairwell. He should've removed his stock of blood packets from the fridge ages ago - but then if he did, he supposed that he wouldn't have anywhere to keep them fresh. Blood needed to be either kept warm or cold to stay 'fresh', and the fridge was the easiest way to get that done. Eve sighed and chucked an apple at the boy who was trying to poke him, knocking the boy to the ground. "I would suggest you behave yourself." He said and looked at the doll-girl. "I would tell you my name but you'd laugh." He said and dropped to the floor. He got up and said"Ow that hurt........Thats no way to treat a guest!What is your name anyway???" "Poking is no way to treat a host." He smirked. "And my name is Eve. Go head and laugh at me for having a girl's name." He said prepping another apple behind his back to get him in the forhead if he even chuckled. "Huh?Whats so funny about that?Whoo cares if your a guy and has a name Eve.Not me!..........."Heads outside of the kitchen and suddenly a burst of laughter was heard"HAHAHAHAHA!EVE!!!!!!!OH MAN!OH GOD!HAHAHAHA!"Then silence enveloped the room and he appeared inside of the kitchen again."Hey did you hear something just now?"Hmmmm i wonder what that was." I tuck a stray strand of blonde hair behind my ear. "And? You have a girls name. Big deal," I tell the appearent host. "It's a nice name actually, even if it's a bit...feminine." Eve glared at the blonde boy and the second apple smashed into pieces when it came into contact with his forehead. "Jerk." He said and walked to the doll girl. "Thanks." he said and looked deep into her eyes. "You seem familliar, almost like a long lost sister or something." He smiled at her. I find Packets of red oozing liquid in the refridgerator, ice-cream and some Milk
    i thought the packets looked suspicious so I went to take the ice-cream. After a few hours of eating I get up from the kitchen table, toss the empty box into the bin and walk out into the main room. The place looked like it could host balls and such because of its size and brilliance. How on earth could a ghost keep a place looking so good? i wondered. I thought about going to bed but my mind wandered off somewhere. I realized I was wearing an old bed robe. I needed some new clothes. Hey! is anybody around!?" I called. I wanted to know where the bathroom was and if this place had any clothes. I passed out when the apple hit my forehead and I lie on the floor."Zzzzzz." Herthas sighed again, able to hear the discussion through the halls. He may have been blind but he wasn't deaf - infact he was pretty sure the kitchen was onlya turn to the right then a turn to the left from the end of the stairwell. And he was at the base of the stairwell already. He turned to his right and took a few steps before turning right again, taking more steps until he reached the frame of the door that was one of the entrances into the kitchen. His hand trailed along the wall as he walked, then he turned to his left and stood at the doorway so he was hopefully facing the occupants.
    "If you don't mind me saying, I think Eve is a rather nice name." Herthas said, polite as ever but still managing to bring a chill with his voice. "..Even if you are a boy." I returned the smile. "Yeah, you seem familiar too...but if the only thing that reminds you of your relative - sister, was it? - then I'm afraid to dissapoint you. This body is - literally - a wooden doll," I informed him. No it's not the body, it's your aura." He said taking a hold of her wooden hand. He looked her up and down and then took a pendant from around his neck and looked at it. There he was and there was a young girl in the picture. He held the picture out in front of her. "Does this look familiar to you? My mom and dad never told me what happened to her." he said and turned arount to answer herthas. "That means so much coming from you, young master." "Argh Fine ill looks for it myself!" I yelled after receiving no reply. I found the bathroom just two doors from my room. After showering and such I went back to my room in nothing but a small white towel. I felt good and refreshed. I hadn't noticed before but there was a wardrobe in my room. It was Large with curled ends and the knobs looked like little gold roses. I pulled it open and found various dresses, hats,shoes, accessories and lingerie. "well, well,well the surprises just keep on coming don't they eh?" One after another I tried on each dress. I found one I liked particularly and decided to show the boys. well two of them anyway. (other guy is blind)
    It was a Beautiful ball gown light blue in color. It had a corset and little black bows on the edges. I felt so womanly and elegant! I walked off to find the boys. "Zzzzzzzzzz.....Owww my head.....Zzzzzzzz"I blinked, then opened my mouth. Then closed it again. I repeated this cycle for a while. "You're - what - how did you - since when..." I pretty much gave up talking after that, opting rather to stare at Eve - at my brother. "Since when were you a ghost?" "Ah, right, something I wanted to say about that.." Herthas said, smiling and tilting his head at the noize of someone or something hitting the floor and beginning to snore. He ignored the noise though and let his head turn towards where he presumed Eve to be though. "You don't need to call me master, alright?" He said, nodding "But would you mind telling me who's shouting, and who just fell on the floor?" 4 years ago I think, I cant remember how old I was but I'm pretty sure I was older than this." He smiled at her. "Maybe it's just a coincidence. What are the chances of me coming to live here after you died and I'm pretty sure I was shot." He grinned showing her the bullet hole in his chest. then he turned to herthas. "The one on the floor is blondie and the one who's shouting, I'm guessing it is the young mistress upstairs, master herthas." I made my way down the stairs only to find a Doll and the ghost staring at each other.Family reunion? lucky... I grumbled and decided to show them anyway
    "hey guys look what I found? Isn't It beautiful? I bet with the amount of space here we could hold a ball yeah?" Herthas dipped his chin as he worked out the location of the sleeping boy from his snored, starting to walk over to him. He made sure not to pass between the two chatting spirits as they talked, and when he reached the boy he grabbed him by the shoulder and moved him outside the room.
    "Enjoy your reunion, Eve and friend.." He said as he left the boy at the side of a stairwell outside of the kitchen and left, towards the living room. He arrived there, then sat down - thinking and waiting for the girl to return if she did and hadn't left through the open window. He should get around to closing it, now that he thought about it. I went over to the other mysterious and shockingly pale man with the blindfold and sat down next to him. "um, hi I'm Celliane. Im very grateful that you've let me stay here."
    I looked at him, examining him from head to toe. Herthas' head turned so he could 'look' at 'Celliane', smiling slightly to her. "Not a problem, Miss Celliane." He said, polite as before and this time managing to not be completely creepy - though knowing how people could be his sentence would still by fairly creepy by their standards. He offered a hand to her voice, hoping he'd actually gotten her position right and that she would accept his hand. He wasn't looking forward to the eventual asking of the question 'why have you got a blindfold on?' that everyone asked. I accepted his hand
    "hey? what's your race? and also would you know what red packets in th- Oh my god now it makes sense.... You're a vampire am i right?" I stare at him , trying to see though the blindfold. I wanted to see his eyes. if he had any.I didn't know why but I suddenly just had this urge to see his eyes. Susan slowly walked into the mansion, a little terrified because of its size. "Hello?" she called. "Is anyone here?"

    Why is it so cold in here? she thought. It's starting to worry me. "Yes, you're be right.." Herthas said, dipping his chin at the thought of the young girl screaming and accusing him of trying to suck out her blood. Another question he disliked answering, but one he was used to - to an extent. "And two things I want to say.." He added later, then frowned as if he was trying to remember what they were before nodding.
    "One, I'm not doing to try and drink your blood, and two - No you may not see what is under my blindfold." I instantly felt a new presence. It smelt... dog-like...
    I didn't care anymore, I was so sleepy. I left the mysterious man to go to do other things. I still had a pile of clothes lying on the floor. I picked them all up and put them back where i had found them. I put on my usual white dress and climbed into bed. I fell asleep almost instantly. Something doesn't feel right. Now I think I overstayed my welcome! Susan thought, running into a closet. Something is quite pissed off that I'm here. Great. Fang protruded from my mouth , larger than a vampires and claws grew out of my fingers.My hair was set alight and It blazed brighter than ever. I was scared. I didn't want to hurt anyone. I stood there, burning with an unconscious rage. "somebody help me!!" I had managed to whimper A young girl runs through a near forest as she listens to the footsteps of her followers with her large ears. Her long furry tail flings around behind her as she weaves between the trees. She run and tryes to jump over a large fallen oak tree, but her foot caught the edge of a branch and she fell. Istinctively, she tried to hid under it. She looked around with her scare large orange eyes. She sees a large holw in a holow tree. She scampers over to it and jumps in. She tryies to hold her breath as the men run past. I woke up not knowing where i was."Oh no!I fell asleep and didnt pray!Oh Lord please forgive me.Do not forsake me Lord.I ask for your loving guidance."He then got up and started walking to somewhere nice in this house. After a while the men had left. The small fragle looking girl crawling out of her hiding place to look around. Her tail went high and swooshed around as she took a large wiff of the air. She turned around and tok a step back to see a few men had climbed a tree behind her hiding place so she couldnt see them. They jumped down from the trees with guns and a tazer. He looks from the window and sees a men behind a young girl."Hey!What the hell are you doing?!"He asked as he sees the men had guns and tazers with them.He jumped from the window and ran to the men with weapons.He turns to the girl and asks?"What is happening here?" Ruby looks up at the man. She takes a step back but her voice would not let out a single word. Her mouth fell open and was agap . She slowly lifted a index finger to piont at the crazed men trying to shoot her. She took a few more steps back as she looked at all the men with her large orange eyes. The blonde man walks to the men with guns thinking that they were the bad guys trying to hurt a pretty girl.He suddenly begun chanting some kind of spell and a golden aura surrounded him.Then a ray of light shot the men and scared them off.He then walks toward the girl with the golden moon shining with him in his victory."Are you all right?" Ruby was quick frightened by all the happenings. She let her brown hair cover some of her face. She nodded as she looked at the ground. "Thank you kind sir. " She said in her small innocent voice. He holds her her face and feels her temperature.He notices that she is cold so he takes off his robe and puts it on her."May i know your name miss?" The small fox's ears twitch at his voice. She wasnt used to a gentle kind voice, only to the men rude ones of the scientists. The girls face lit up in a lit pink. She held the robe close to her. She cutrsied under the large thing. "I...Am Ruby. " She said then looked up at him. He then smiles at her and says"Hello Ruby.I am Reed.Its nice to meet you." "Hello, Reed......Its nice to meet...you too. " She said nervously. Ruby had never had spoken to anyone in a long time other than the you's ' or ' get the hell off me, ' to the scientists. He Stared into her eyes and saw that she was nervous."Dont worry about me.I wont hurt you.Feel free to tell me anything."He then smiled at her and stared back into her eyes. Izzy looked away in nervousness. "I know someone who just saved me wouldnt help me, unless thats just your plan. " She said with a cute giggle. He then smiled at her and started to carry her in his arms and said"A beautiful girl like you should be taken care of.And thats what i will do."He then puts his face near her face. Ruby was much surprised that he picked her up. especially how esaily. She had never thought of herself as that small. Her face got even redder as he picked her up and his face got close. She giggled. " Thanks.......At least there is one nice guy, instead of evil people. "Come on i will take you inside the house where its warm." "Thank you, reed. " Ruby said with a cute smile on her face. She loved the warmth of his arms around her. She hadnt noticed how cold she was until he had put the jacket on her. She lightly laid her head down on his shoulder as he held her. He then smiled when she put her head on his shoulder.As he entered the door he took her to an empty room with a bed."Here stay here for now."He then put her on the bed to rest."Im sure Eve and his master wont mind."He then smiled at the girl and left her room to get some rest. Ruby laid down on her bad. She looked around not able to sleep very well. She stood up and walked around the room. She opened a door into the bathroom. She had always lived in a forest. She'd never seen stuf like this. She walks up into the shower. She messes with the knobs until it turns on very warm. She puts one of her hands in to feel it. She loved the feeling. She knew she already wasnt wearing a lot but she undressed and stepped into the hot water of the shower. I awoke to the sound of running water. I was rather surprised that anyone in this house was still around. Throwing off my sheets i walked over to my large mirror and stared at my reflection. I looked
    really sleepy, the dark circles under my eyes. I noticed that my window had been pulled shut, probably by the ghost. I don't think i ever got his name... I heard pacing from below my room,so i went out to investigate. I awoke to the sound of running water. I was rather surprised that anyone in this house was still around. Throwing off my sheets i walked over to my large mirror and stared at my reflection. I looked
    really sleepy, the dark circles under my eyes. I noticed that my window had been pulled shut, probably by the ghost. I don't think i ever got his name... I heard pacing from below my room,so i went out to investigate. Just outside Rubys room he saw another girl walking near him.And realizes that he saw her from before.He approached her saying"Hello." I looked at the young man, I must of looked wild, my hair in knots.
    I Blushed and looked away. He looked at the girl and smiled."You look pretty."Winks at the girl. I closed my eyes and looked at him. I was curious. I had never been called pretty. If anything, i was a pale, ugly, clumsy, skinny goat. I looked down at myself and wondered if that was what people saw me as..."pretty"... "You have beautiful eyes.Eyes that of an angel.Please do not close them."He said walking towards her. I felt well...good, as if my self confidence was improving. I opened my eyes and smiled at hims and said " Don't you like that fox girl? She seemed to take a like to you"
    I gave him my most polite smile and walked off to find something to do. Susan didn't really want to be in the grand hall anymore, so she looked for a pantry or kitchen so she could eat. She wandered into a living room, a bathroom, a atrium, even a basement but couldn't find it. Man, the things I don't want to do she thought, but since I'm lost, it'll have to work.

    She stepped through a door near her outside and let the moon, a full moon, shine on her. She fell down and felt like her skin was ripping off. But it was done quickly, and she was a wolf. Then, she bounded off to look for food. Ruby crawled out of the shower and shook her body to get rid of the water. She refized her hair and put on the little amount of clothes she had on. She walked over to her window and opened it. She sat on the window sill. She pulled her knees up to her chest and started singing her moms lullaby. Her voice was very angelic and in perfect ton. Luthien up to the mansion with a few small bag she carried. Her cousin was right behind her and gave her a hug. "You'll be fine" he said. Luthien looked down "I hope so..will I see you again?" she asked with puppydog eyes. "soon enough" he said and gave her one last wave before setting off with his escorts. She opened the latge doors of the mansion and looked around into the large open room. "H-hello?" she asked, her voice echoing through the mansion. Beneath the floorboards a voice called softly , sounding a bit like "hello"
    I went down to find the source of the noise but only found an open doorway and a lot of human skin lying on the ground. I stared at the skin and i had a flashback to when a new girl smelling of dog came into the room. It made sense that she was a werewolf. Tonight of course was a full moon. I did what I did every beautiful night like this. I get out my violin, walk out onto a balcony and play for the moon, hoping it will hear. I was a natural at the violin. I had practiced everyday for 6 years. At times I played so much my fingers had begun to bleed. I was a quick healer though, well not me but more like the demon living next to my soul, corrupting it whenever possible. I played many tunes, with passion and grief. All my songs were of my life. The sorrow and yet also happiness. I had grown tired after a long night and decided it was time to go back to bed. I placed my violin back into it's case and put it next to my bed.Nobody knew but as well as a violin in that case, I had something extremely dangerous in my hands. I could control it and me alone. I felt safe and smug. My bed was cold but it comforted me in a way, like i deserved it. Lyphe pushed further through the forest, stumbling occasionally on the hidden tree roots and such that littered the ground. His snow white fur glistened in the light that broke through the canopy of leaves. The outline of a mansion slowly came into view ahead of him, and he figured that it would be as good a place as any to both crash for now and start his search for ReiRei. Lyphe quickened his pace to a run and jumped into the building through a window that was left open. He shook his fur clean from anything that had managed to accumulate in it from his trip here, then shifted back into his human body. The only thing left showing that gave him away as not being human were his ears and his tail. Lyphe opened the door out of the room, then wandered down the halls, looking about the place for anything that caught his attention, when he heard a faint voice singing. It sounded heavenly, and his ears twitched to find where it was coming from. He followed the voice as far as he could, but he stopped at a door, not knowing what the room behind it was. So, Lyphe knocked on it a couple times lightly, hoping he wouldn't startle whoever was in there. Susan ran as fast as her legs could carry her, her black fur fluttering wildly. She stopped sudddenly, sniffing the air for fresh trails.

    Is that a fox I smell? she thought. Then she saw a baby red fox not too far away. She tried to pounce on it, but the fox ran off, and she crashed to the ground. Damn it! she thought. I can't catch anything can I? She tried to lok for any more trails, but all the others were stale, so she ran back to the house.

    When she got back to the mansion, she suddenly howled a long howl, in grief for her family. Kire and Sho walked up to the large mansion. "This looks like a cool place to call home." Kire said smiling at Sho. Sho nodded and ran up to the door. Kire walked up to the door with him and knocked on the big wooden doors. Ruby stopped singing and looked toward the door. "Come in. The door isnt locked. " She said in her small gently voice. Kire opened the door and Sho ran into the bulding. "Sho wait for me!" Kire yelled with a smile and ran into the living room after Sho. Sho jumped on the girl who had said to come in and was smelling her. 'Sho get off of her now!" Kire yelled at him. Sho jumped off the girl and sat down at Kire's feet. "I'm sorry about that." Ruby laughed. "Oh its okay. I love other animals. " She said petting the animals head. "I'm very good with animals. " She said in her gentle soft voice. "Oh, yeah he's my sweet little wolf." kire said petting Sho's head. "Little?" Sho asked in Kire's mind. Kire smiled and looked back up at the girl. "My names Kire, whats yours?" Ruby laughed. For she had heard what Sho had said, but only because she was pat animal and using her powers. "I am Ruby. " She said and looked up at Kire. Kire smiled. "It's nice to meet you Ruby." Kire said with a grin. "So what do we do here?" "I dont know. " Ruby siad. "I was brought here. I just got her and washed up. " She said. She looked at the fox looking boy that had first knocked on her door then back at Kire. "How long have you been here?" Kire looked down at Sho and then back at the girl. "I just got here." Kire said looking around the place. "I dont know. " Ruby siad. "I was brought here. I just got her and washed up. " She said. She looked at the fox looking boy that had first knocked on her door then back at Kire. "How long have you been here?" Kire looked down at Sho and then back at the girl. "I just got here." Kire said looking around the place. "o you even know where we are? Because I dont. " Ruby said flicking some of her brown hair out of her face with her tail. "I dont really know, this building just came out of no where really." Kire said looking back at Ruby. Ruby yawned. "I'm hungry. You want anything? " She asked Kire. Kire's stomach growled and she grinned. "Yeah im starving.". Sho ran out the door and into the woods to find some food. Ruby stayed sitting there. She looked out the window to see her run into the forest. Ruby rolled her eyes. A vine came up from the ground up to her. It stayed there for a moment and then grew multiple kinds of fruits. She didnt know what it was, btu she grabbed the pink one. She loved how tender it was. How sweet and delightful it was. Kire took a yellow fruit and bit into it. Sho ran back in with a deer in his mouth. "Sho eat your food outside." Kire said shaking her head with a smile. Ruby laughed loudly. She took a large bite into the pink fruit."Yeah, we dont want you to get blood on the floor. "Sho nodded his head and dragged the deer back out the door. Kire took another bite out of the fruit and smiled. "This is good." "I know arent they. " She said. "I don't even know what they are. "They are very unique. " "They are very good." Kire said licking her lips. Lyphe kinda stared blankly at the conversation. His ears flipped in confusion at the two girls. When the vine bared fruit, he grabbed a small one, and bit into it. For a second, it tasted delicious. Then, it became incredibly spicy. "Hot... Really hot... Ow!" He yelled, spitting it out into the trashcan. He stuck his tongue out and looked down at the red area. "Ow! I burnt my tongue on it." He said, really embarrassed at the moment. Ruby laughed a little. She out strached her arm with the pink fruit in it. "Try this one. Its very sweet...I;m Ruby by the way. " She said hoping he would answer. Lyphe pulled his hood over his head, covering his eyes out of embarrassment, before he took the fruit and bit into it cautiously. The sweet flavor helped take the spicy aftertaste out of his mouth. "Thanks Ruby." He said with a soft smile, his tail swaying happily behind him. "I'm Lyphe."