• Akira walked through the empty hallways to her dorm, went inside, and unpacked her belongings. She muttered to herself "Why was I sent here again? Oh, well..." She just kept unpacking her belongings and soon the dorm looked like it did in her old house, but this was her new home now. She would never have to go back to the circus again... ever...
    Johnny went for his dorm as he entered the University. He used his power to open the door because his hands were full. He dropped his stuff and organized it.
    "Wow, that's a lot of stuf." He said to himself and walked out in search of more people. Akira left her dorm in search of people who she might be able to be friends with as long as they didn't know her dreaded past. Johnny stopped by the dining hall and grabbed a slice of pizza and devoured it quickly. As he left the dining hall he bumped into a girl.
    "Sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I'm Johnny"
    He said and offered her his hand. Akira took his hand gently and blushed. "Sorry, I'm a bit shy," She said with a smile. "I'm Akira, nice to meet you Johnny." Johnny dropped her hand and ran his through his hair.
    "So, you're new to huh? Well I have combat this period. What do you have?"
    he asked hoping it was the same so he knew at least one person. "I do too," Akira said hoping that Johnny wouldn't think she's lying. "See you there I guess..." She said blushing and smiling covering her emotional past. "So where are you from? I'm from Japan originally, but moved here because of my dad's job placement. Am I talking too much? I tend to talk a lot when I'm nervous." She said quickly speaking. Trying to take in everything she said, he replied.
    "Well uhm, funny story where I'm from." He pointed up then looked back at her
    "Up there, yea it's complicated. And no, you aren't talking to much.
    He finished and smiled at her. Akira smiled back and said, "So you're like, an angel? I am actually..." She paused and whispered in his ear "A demon..." He let out a little giggle under his breath.
    "Ironic. Well technically I'm exiled angel, I got kicked out for basicly not being like anyone else, so you don't have to worry about me and you hating each other. I'm cool with demons."
    He continued down the hall and into the combat classroom. Oh..." She said walking by his side. "May I walk with you?" "Of course" he said taking a step to the seide to be closer.
    "I'm actually interested in seeing what you can do in combat"Hm, maybe you could be my combat partner," She teased." I'd love to." he said as he threw out his wings and put one hand in front of him and held hers with the other. Johnny let the force fly out of his empty hand and send then gliding into the combat room.
    "This is going to be way fun" he gigled and let go of her hand. Akira revealed the demon wings of her own. "Ready?" "Very" he said with a smirk
    "You're giving the first hit, I wanna see what you got Demon girl." But I don't want to hurt you..." She said looking at her hands then a flashback suddenly came to mind.

    Akira, as a younger child, was being made fun of by several other kids who were once her friends. They called her a whore, ho, slut, etc... She tried walking away but couldn't so just started killing everybody letting her anger get the best of her and ending up in court. Then being sentenced 3 years in Juvy. She was there until she was 13.

    As Akira realized the scene was just a flashback, she nearly collapsed. "Please don't tell me to hit someone or they'll end up dead." She said not trying to alarm him. Johnny let his wings sink in and looked at her.
    "You wont kill me. Watch this." he finished and put up both of his hand and turned them around so the palms faced him. He let out a burst of energey and it hit everywhere around him. He lowered his hands then looked at her
    "My power is the ability to produce a force out of my hands, I can use it for many things like, moving things, hiting stuff, or pushing things. But it doesn't only inflict damage, it protects me from taking it, I can use it as a bubble around my whole boddy to weaken the blow, so come on hit me." he finish and smiled waiting for her fist to colliade in to his chest. You just don't understand, please listen to me, I harm nearly everything I touch, my powers are triggered by emotion... I have no control over them really.." She said like she was embarrassed. Please jsut hit me. I promise nothing will happen, I'm not a weak brittle person." he said and lifted his right hand. There was a desk inside the classroom but everything else was pretty open for combat.
    "Watch the desk." he told her
    He turned his hand into a fist and without his gaze leaving her, he punched.
    The force hit the desk and sent it flying toward the wall in spins with pieces breaking off and then it proceeded to slam into the wall. Johnny opened his hand and slowly moved it toward him and a piece of the chair followed until it was in his hand.
    "See I'm pretty damn sure you aren't killing me with one hit. I'm an angel and that's no easy thing to kill." "I can't work them without anger..." That's what I've been trying to tell you!" Akira said with growing frustration. "Oh I see, will this help." he asked and stood back about five feet and punched leting the force slam into her chest and sending her on the foor. He glided over to her to see if it helped
    "How's that?" he said and laughed looking down at her. Akira got up holding her chest in pain. "I mean like, emotional anger, that was just painful." She said breathing lighter. Akira took a deep breath and punched him in the chest, knocking him into the hallway due to the open door. "Are you all right?" Akira called from the classroom. Hello students, this is your Headmaster Aiden. As most of you know we have many new students today. I welcome you all. For today, if you are late it will not be counted. But that doesn't mean you can wonder, if you do, expect for there to be some surprises. And again welcome." Aiden spoke over the intercom to the students. Akira yawned and was soon fast asleep lying on the combat room floor. She did not have any sleep at all the past few nights before. Johnny ran is fingers through his hair and replied
    "Yea I'm good, nice job." He finished and got up. As he balanced himself from all the way in the halls he called
    "Ready yourself."
    He stood still and punched four times and kicked once. It looked like he was fighting air but a second later each blow hit Akira and threw her all the way across the room and into the wall. He glided over to her and realized that she was alseep.
    (sorry for the auto hit, couldn't let you kick my a** without getting something back lol )) You're gonna beat up someone who's sleeping? O_OSorry I started typng before i saw your postAiden left his office and walked into the halls making sure the students were ok with there surroundings. He rounded a corner and saw a student
    "Hello, is there anything I can get you Bella?" he asked her. Akira still lay sleeping silently in the combat classroom. In her dream, was just a flashback of all the children who made fun of her, lying dead, cold on the ground. Johnny picked up Akira and walked her to her room. He used his power to throw open the door. He continued inside and laid her on the bed. Johnny checked his back pocket and found a pencil and a slip of paper, he wrote. If you need anything my room number is 14 -Johnny
    Then left her room. After about 10-15 minutes, Akira woke up and saw the note Johnny had left her. She read it and started heading toward his room. Still a little bit tired, she knocked on the door labeled 14 and waited for a response. "Well Bella, I'm glad you like my school, but do be careful not everything here is so wonderful" he said with a smile
    "So what exactly brings you here Bella?" he asked. Akira knocked once more wondering if she had mixed up the address. "Nope, room 14, nothing wrong here." She said to herself. Johnny awoke from the knock on his door. He raised his hand and opened the door with it as he threw on a shirt.
    "Oh hey Akira, how was your nap?" "Pretty good, and yours ? I forgot what I was going to ask. Oh well, can I come in?" Akira asked. "Well this is an excellent place to get a good education, and what exactly do you mean the way it is. I would love to tell you but I'm not sure what exactly you are asking." he finished and let his gaze meet his. Johnny raised himself out of the bed and onto his feet.
    "Yes you can come in. My nap was ok, no dreams though which is odd. I'm so glad the Headmaster isn't counting tardies today. I really needed the sleep." "Yea, same here," Akira agreed. "If you want, I could leave so you could sleep more." She asked. "Well I don't exactly know why. You see my father built this university long ago but it wasn't used for a school. He used it as a hide away from the people that wanted him dead. My father was a great wizard that just was a little messed up in the head. When he dissapeared I took over and took it over, I myself see new things everyday." he answered taking her all in, the way she looked the way she acted. He had to make sure he knew everyone somewhat. Akira sat on Johnny's bed and rested her head on his shoulder and said, "My head hurts..." (It does irl too XD) "No, stay. I needed to wake up anyways. It's still first period I have to do something today." he laughed under his breath and put a hoodie over his shirt. And looked at her.
    "So did you need anything?" he asked. Akira adjusted where her head was on his shoulder and then said, "I did need something, but then I forgot what it was. Damn memory loss..." "Hmm well I might be able to help."
    Johnny used his power to shut his door and kissed her just on the cheekfor now to see if she remembered.
    "Remember anything?" he asked her with a giggle. "Actually that makes sense, except for the stealing part. No one ever tried to steal anything of his, they thought he was insane. They wanted him dead and everything he had destroyed. He wasn't the nicest Wizard." he finished and ruffled his hair with his hand. (My dad should have never teased me about being blonde...) Surprised by his sudden actions, Akira said, "Um..... Forgot again." (I really forgot irl XD) "Oh well it was worth a try."
    he paused then contiued.
    "So what would you like to do today, it's basicly a free day." "What I'm doing now, sitting here hanging out with you." She said as she laid her head back on his shoulder. "I am so very sorry for those tragic events and I am glad that I undersand you, but right now I think you should be going to class, or at least exploring the rest of the university. Come by my office if you need anything else."
    He finsihed and slowly found his way back to his office. Akira yawns and lies down on the bed with her knees bent and arms folded behind her head just thinking of who knows what, "Well I'm glad this is exactly what I want to do to." Johnny laid down on his back and moved his shoulder over so she could lay on it.
    "Actually I could use some more sleep. Would you like to join me. It is a queen. I'm sure there is room""Do you think we'd get in trouble with the headmaster?" Akira asked nervously"Well I'm his nephew so if we do he'll just blame it on me." he laughed. Aiden was a real hardass to people he was realted to, I guess he was looking out for them in his own way
    "Are you really worried we'd get in trouble for just sharing a nap?" he asked her and turned over so he was facing her. "I just assumed so," Akira replied then closed her eyes. Johnny did the same and closed his eyes.
    "You know if you get uncomfortable tell me, I'll sleep on the floor if it makes you happy." he finished a giggled and held her hand. "Okay," Akira agreed. Johnny looked at her one last time and slowly drifted asleep. Akira gently kissed Johnny's cheek and fell asleep. Akira and Johnny were sleeping through the whole day and nobody even knew they were gone. "You know today's like a freeday right? Just go back to your dorm and relax." Akira said wanting to go back to sleep.
    I'm not at any class right now. Me and Johnny are taking the first day off. They're not counting anything today. Well this is just the first day. Well I guess we'll never know. Johnny woke up with Akira laying next to him. He lifted himself out of the bed and kissed her cheek and left the room to leave her sleep. As he left he saw Crystal, an old friend.
    "Crystal! when'd you get here?" he asked. "Well I'm not taken, just meeting new friends. For now. You could win it this time. Zane where have you guys been.?!" he hugged Crystal and Zane to. Waiting for an answer. "She did? That's wierd. I'll have to tell her to calm down. And it was on the cheek. anyways" he looked at them both seeing how much they had changed."I missed you guys!""
    Yea I have changed for starters I'm an angel. And I have 14, sweet you're right next to me. That just made this school so much better." he kept his eyes on hers as he spoke. ((in this one I cant read minds.)) "Wait who's room are we going to.?" if it was his they were talking about Akira was still in his bed. Aiden answered the door to see the new student Crystal.
    "Hello Crystal what do you need?" Master i wanted to ask if we ( the students) could share dorms.. we know eachother from the past life adn we would like to have a room for 3 ... "Is one of the students my nephew Johnny?" he asked raising an eyebrow."Well I guess I will allow two per dorm but no more for now. How does that sound?" he finished with a smile, and hoping that it was to her liking. omg thank you thank you thank you! * blows a kiss* bye! Johnny you can share a room with me!!!! "Sweet! Which room are we gonna stay in yours or mine?
    He kissed her he was so exited! mine! smile yay im soooooo happy ..

    she kissed him back.. and sparks flewhave to get my stuff. Get your room ready and I'll grab my stuff cause there is kinda a girl still in mine." he kissed one more time and walked to his dorm. Johnny gathered his belongings and packed them in his bag and left a note next to Akira. Some old friends just enrolled and I switched rooms to 15 with my friend - Johnny left the note and ran out the door so excited. He walked up to Crystal. "Ok I'm ready! Let's move in!" he said out of breath. Goes to room... get it ready... uggh i got to get off line ill be back later Johnny looked at Zane.
    "Hmm what room are you in? Hopefully its close, let me see your schedule it should be on there." "Hear what Zane? And what girl are you talking about, I think I'm losing it." he finished and looked around for what Zane was talking about. "Oh" that's all he could say. He knew exactly who it was, his ex from a couple years back. "Yea I know her we go back. Way back" he was speechless. Johnny waved to Terra, and looked back at Zane
    "I don't know when she got them but." he paused and through out his wings.
    "I got them to." he said and smiledHmm I'll be right back Zane. Johnny glided over to the woman with wings.
    "Hi, I'm Johnny, my friend noticed that you were uhm an angel? Kinda like me? Is that true?" he asked hoping he wasn't the only one here that was((uhm no Terra is my ex not you. Sorry for the mis understanding ))
    "Stronger? What do you mean exactly." Johnny lifted himself off the ground and hovered. I'm an angel to, well not anymore really. They knda kicked me out cause I'm different, so yea." he finished and looked at her wings admiring every detail. Crystals back!!!!1 razz

    { she finds johnny and askes him if he is ready to move in...}

    smile oh.. hi... terra.. remember me? (( wait i wanna know how many people in this RP are fckin angels lol.?))
    "Yea kicked out, I can uhm I can't explain it just watch." he said and through his bag in the air and punch the air, his fist was nowhere near the bag but a force collided into the bag and sent it flying. Johnny held up a hand and dragged it to his body and the bag came with it.
    "See? Well I have to go move in to my new room we'll talk later." he finished and gave her a wave and walked over to Crystal
    "Yep, I'm so ready." he said with a smile and brought his wings into his back so he looked normal. ((holy cow that's a lot of angels. um ok, no I don't hate you terra, (I was the first, and I don't care if you guys are angels just make sure you're original as well k guys? 3 nodding))